Eleceed Chapter 175 (Julien’s Rejection) Release Date and Spoilers

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Here’s everything you would want to know about Eleceed Chapter 175.

About The Manhwa

The plot focuses on a soft-hearted man called Jiwoo. He learns to make the world a better place by adopting a cat’s quick reflexes. Moreover, Kayden, Jiwoo’s master, is blessed with the ability to turn into a fluffy cat.

Eleceed Chapter 174 Recap

In the start of Chapter 174, we see Julien’s shock and bewilderment on finding out that the master of the Awakener Association is a woman younger than him. He condescendingly thinks that since it is a young woman, their standards must have been pretty low.

Despite her young age, she’s worked her way up to becoming the top Awakener of the country and she is representing her organization and country. Because of this, Julien is warned by his superior to watch his manners while talking to her.


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During his conversation with her, it becomes apparent that Julien is here to inform her that he and his granddad are leaving for Korea but that they’ll be able to make it for the battle. However, there’s another request that Julien asks of her: become a part of the Patrick family.

However, she bluntly rejects her offer citing that she got a promise she got to keep. Julien starts wondering if the promise she’s adamant on keeping is due to that boy, Jiwoo. He becomes visibly upset due to this while still feigning composure.

He departs after telling her that he won’t forget her. Meanwhile, she calmly looks on saying nothing.

Eleceed Chapter 175 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 175 is scheduled to get released on January 5, 2022. Every new chapter releases every week and has accumulated a loyal fanbase.

Eleceed Chapter 175 Spoilers

Unfortunately, Eleceed doesn’t release raw scans or spoilers. Even if it does, it’s very rare. So, we’ll have to wait for the official release date of Eleceed Chapter 175 to find out what happens.

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Where To Read

Fans of this bewildering manhwa can read it from the webtoon app or website. The app has a lot of amazing Manhwa which are steadily becoming more popular than manga.

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