All About Spider-Man 4 Setup Through No Way Home

Spider Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man fans may as well be in heaven right now; it’s the golden age for the wall-crawler. On top of No Way Home’s incredible success, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are back in the picture, Across the Spider-Verse lands next year, and Insomniac Games’ beloved Spider-Man game is getting a sequel.

What’s even more exciting is how the end of No Way Home sets up an entirely new Spider-Man for the MCU to play around with.

Up until this point, the Spidey audiences have been following with Tom Holland has been pretty unique. Now, after a trilogy of films that perfectly set up the foundation of Peter Parker’s character, the future may hold one of the most faithful adaptations of the webhead yet.

Did the writers ever feel that this story was meant to be the end of Peter’s story? Or was it always meant as a springboard for a new journey to begin?

Freshman Year: spider-man: No Way Home

Spider-Man’s End, or Beginning?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man: No Way Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers commented on if they wrote the film’s ending thinking that Tom Holland may be done with the role.

According to Sommers, they always “knew [they] were going to end up in that place,” and “all [they] could do was try to service this story”

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The writer noted how he “hope[s] they do more” Spider-Man movies while reinforcing the idea that a world in which Peter Parker is now forgotten could be “a huge story engine” for a potential Spider-Man 4.

Chris McKenna jumped into the conversation, adding that if it did have to end, it would have been “a fitting ending,” and noted they “never know” how everything may play out after their current project

He continued, expressing how the ending “feels… more mature,” and reiterating just what the conclusion of No Way Home means for the character of Peter Parker.

Spider Man Actors

Going forward, the writer doesn’t believe that Holland’s Peter will go “into bitterness and darkness” as Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man did, and instead feels like “he’s hopeful”

But what would happen if Peter just went and convinced his friends of everything? Well McKenna notes that he specifically “doesn’t make that choice because he knows ultimately there’s a sacrifice that has to be made”.

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The Sacrifices of Peter Parker

The ending for Spider-Man: No Way Home ranks up there with Avengers: Infinity War when it comes to having one of the darkest conclusions of any MCU project.

Peter is alone; not a single soul in the universe remembers him. He has no friends, no family—just Spider-Man. His sacrifice, for better or worse, has started a new chapter in his life. Parker has himself a blank slate.

It’s hard to imagine that this is the last of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker story. While it could, on paper, serve as a conclusion for this Spidey, in action, it would be an extreme disservice to the character.

After all of that hard work establishing Peter Parker and building the perfect foundation for the character to continue as the quintessential Spider-Man, abruptly stopping would feel like a complete waste. Fans around the world certainly wouldn’t be happy.

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If Tom Holland truly does want to start paving a road to the conclusion of his time in the suit, the MCU might want to think about setting the stage for the Sinister Six; a villainous group that once killed off the famous wall-crawler, providing the inciting incident for Miles Morales to take up the mantle.

Despite all of the talk about No Way Home being the end of the story, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself has assured fans that there will be a fourth Spider-Man film. So audiences worldwide can rest easy knowing Tom Holland will more than likely don the suit again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters worldwide.

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