Which College Did Elle End Up Choosing In Kissing Booth 3?


In Kissing Booth Season 2, Elle was left with the tough decision of choosing a college. Now fans will finally get to know Elle’s college in Kissing Booth 3. This will finally reveal where she will end up once and for all. Will Joey King’s character go to Berkeley to be with her best friend Lee? Or will she break the friendship rule and choose Harvard to be with the love of her life Noah?

A quick recap in case you’ve forgotten about it, the Kissing Booth series started with the story of two best friends Elle and Lee who go to high school together. They hang out every day and have been doing that since their childhood days. Lee has a (hot!) brother named Noah, who Elle then eventually ends up with by the end of the first season.


The second season brought about more tension and complications as Noah went off to college. New characters get added which further adds to the drama. Elle also faces one of the biggest decisions of her life: which college will she choose?


Elle’s College In Kissing Booth 3: Spoilers

The pressure of friendship, romance, social life along with certain other struggles once again enter Elle’s life in the new season. The starting of the movie makes it seem like Elle will be going to Harvard to study with Noah. The couple also talk about moving in together during their summer break.

Elle gets multiple calls from the Admissions team from both Berkeley and Harvard. However, it was shown that Elle finally denied her chance to go to the same college with best friend Lee and chose Harvard.

But the end of the film shows a different ending for the central protagonist. Making a decision that could shape your life forever isn’t easy. Hence, Elle finally decided by the end of the movie that she will go to either Berkeley where Lee will be studying, or to Harvard to be with Noah.

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After much complications, Elle and Noah also decide to call it quits. Their years-long romance ended and Elle ends up choosing to go to USC to study a course in video game design. We also have a huge time jump where the characters are now grown up and out and about in real life.

How do you like Kissing Booth 3? Do you think there should have been an Elle-Noah happy ending like the one Lee and Rachel had? Or is everything just better off this way? Do let us know.

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