Emma Stone Rumoured To Be Filing Lawsuit Against Disney After Scarlett Johansson

Emma Stone on Cruella

After Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney Company on July 29, Emma Stone is reported to be following in her footsteps. Emma Stone lawsuit against Disney is reported to be over the immediate release of Cruella on Disney+, much like Johansson’s reason.

Cruella was released both in theatres and the streaming platform on Disney+ on May 28. While the Emma Stone starrer film was considered to be a great film as it received both critical acclaim and love from fans, it did not do very well in the Box Office. This condition could be related largely to how Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has been doing.

Theatre owners have largely blamed Disney for the collapses and crash big movies have experienced at the Box Office. Since Disney has made all the new releases available immediately on the streaming platform, theatres have reportedly experienced several losses, especially during the pandemic.



Emma Stone Lawsuit Against Disney

The success of Emma Stone’s Cruella was limited to critic praises and the audience’s love. However, the Box Office numbers did not really reflect this as it was not quite impressive. Many have long speculated that this was because Cruella was available immediately on Disney+.

In light of Johansson’s actions against Disney, former THR Editor Matt Belloni reported exclusively that Emma Stone is currently considering a lawsuit of her own. “Emma Stone, star of Cruella, is said to be weighing her options,” Belloni wrote.

Emma Stone Lawsuit against Disney

Belloni also said that Disney is “notoriously difficult to deal with” especially in these circumstances. He mentioned that many stars and other fellow creatives have been waiting for someone in the spotlight to speak out for years now.


Since standing up to a huge company as Walt Disney could result in a disaster, Belloni reported that many stars have often put it off for a long time. He also said that Johansson being the first to speak up has overwhelming support from her fellow stars.

Disney’s Response And Statements

However, Disney lawyers were quick to respond to the issue by stating that there was no breach of contract as such. The studio alleged that they fulfilled everything in Johansson’s contract. They also further stated Johansson’s salary was actually increased instead of being hindered by the Disney+ release.

Since standing up to the Walt Disney Company is difficult, the rumoured Emma Stone lawsuit against Disney would clear up a lot of controversy according to what people think. They suggest that this action would put a nail in the coffin to this situation and prove that Disney has been unfair with its artists.

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