Eren’s Real Feelings Exposed In Attack On Titan’s Final Chapter

Attack on Titan fans are finally getting some major clarity in the final chapter 13 titled “Toward the Tree on That Hill” on what Eren’s intentions have been all along. We get a huge focus on the main trio of the series, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin whose relationship seemed to have suffered a huge fallout after the restaurant scene.

The manga’s final chapter really puts fans’ worries to rest, and we find out that Eren never harboured any ill intentions toward Armin or Mikasa. In fact, his true feelings are revealed to be quite the opposite when it comes to Mikasa.

Eren Patches Up His Friendship With Armin

Eren confirms in this chapter what many fans have long since speculated. He deliberately pushed all his friends away and turned himself into seemingly a villain.

Eren confesses that he himself isn’t sure why he felt the need to do so and says that he just let the moment take over him. Armin, in response, fills in the blanks. Eren’s intention all along was to make them into heroes who saved humanity.

This was the peaceful future Eren wanted to give them and the one he truly achieves in the end. As these two friends separate, Armin promises that he won’t let Eren’s sacrifice be for nothing.

A Concluding Peek At Eren’s True Feelings For Mikasa 

Eren never truly reunites with Mikasa and this may be a disappointment for many fans. However, we finally get answers on what Eren’s intentions toward Mikasa has been all along.

He was always quite closed off and kept Mikasa at arm’s length even though Mikasa was very open about her devotion to him. Mikasa was devastated after Eren shot her feelings down during the trio’s fallout and she even briefly stops wearing her signature scarf.

When Armin presses on the subject, Eren reveals that he doesn’t wish for Mikasa to move on and find someone else after he’s gone. Eren declares his desire to stay on at the forefront of Mikasa’s thoughts long after he’s gone, even after ten years.

Armin is a little taken aback by such a strong confession and Eren asks Armin to never repeat all that he just said to Mikasa. This is because he tries to put her peace of mind and happiness above his own.

It may all seem quite cheesy but this is really the perfect way to conclude the series. Chapter 139 was quite the gentle goodbye that we all needed, won’t you say?

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