My Hero Academia: How Powerful is Endeavor?

Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, took over as the number one hero in Boku no Hero Academia after All Might’s retirement. Now it is his role as a symbol of peace in the midst of the worst crisis that superpower society has ever experienced. However, how powerful is he?

Endeavor was always the most powerful hero behind All Might. However, their powers are very different. While Toshinori’s power was simply One For All, Todoroki has a fiery quirk, which makes him both dangerous and powerful.

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Throughout his time as number two, failing to surpass the symbol of peace, he developed his skills to the fullest and managed to gain control of the fire like no other, at the same time that he strengthened his body to be able to make the flames more useful and not be limited by his own human weakness.

His physical strength rivalled All Might’s sustained One For All, in his confrontations against the high-end Nomu as well as others of lesser capacity. He was able to neutralize them and even break their limbs in just one hit.

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However, his greatest virtue is in his quirk, which is called Hell Flame and is the ability to produce fire and manipulate it at will. This is a dangerous quirk by its very nature, because although he is capable of handling it himself, his body resents the use as it heats up and hurts at the same time.

The Hell Flame managed to disintegrate a Nomu instantly when it managed to release it without limitation, but it was also seriously injured. The abilities that are known to him thanks to his quirk are the following and all have a different function:

  • Jet Burn: This is a fiery shot that is focused on Endeavor’s left fist. Its function is to attack from a distance while it is also an ultra powerful tool in close combat.
  • Hell Spider: Endeavor’s most skilled area. It involves throwing different threads of fire around himself, which function well as a protective barrier rather than a weapon. The firepower of these threads is such that it can even destroy buildings just by touching them
  • Prominence Burn: This ability will cause Endeavor’s body to produce fire generally and then blow it out in a single shot that is stronger than any other power it has. However, this ability is the riskiest because it damages his entire body.
  • Plus Ultra: Prominence Burn: Finally, this is a variant of regular Prominence Burn, but it involves being able to harm the environment as well as yourself. He’s only used it once against the high-end Nomu who attacked him while he was with Hawks.

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Endeavor is definitely the most powerful hero in Boku no Hero Academia today. His power was always similar to All Might’s but his own mentality, as well as his personality, made him an inefficient hero. He is capable of defeating almost any villain, but he has not been able to become a symbol of peace because his own ability is mediated by his grudges and his lack of heroic vision.

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