Eternals Movie Creates Oscar Buzz Even Before Its Release

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Eternals Movie Creates Oscar Buzz Even Before Its Release causing fans to push Marvel’s door for the much-awaited trailer.

Eternals and its long wait

Eternals has a stellar cast, and the movie is one of the projects Marvel fans have no idea about.

The characters in Eternals will be debuting for the first time in the Marvel Universe, and fans have been waiting for it for a long time.

Eternals which were supposed to release earlier than other Phase 4 projects, have now been replaced by Shang-Chi and have been postponed to November 5, 2021.


Fans have tried their best to find out what the movie is about, but all we got is some info from the merchandise that Marvel had prepared when it was supposed to release last year.

The only thing we learned from the merchandise is some of their abilities and nothing specific. Now that Shang-Chi has gotten its first trailer, fans have been asking for one from Eternals too.

Chloe Zhao and her Oscar

Chloe Zhao is the director of Eternals and the first female of Asian descent to get an Oscar for best director.


The internet was all praise for her, and Marvel fans showed their full support and wanted the movie’s trailer as a celebratory gift.

Even though we have heard nothing from the studios or Zhao about this, fans have their hopes high that this will happen soon.

UK Company’s Gambling Bet 

Ever since Zhao won Oscar, everything she worked on has been in the spotlight. In that line, a Betting company in the UK has nominated Eternals for next year.

The company has nominated Eternals for best picture and says that it has a 16/1 chance of winning it. Normally action and sci-fi movies from Marvel rarely see an Oscar nomination.


Maybe this time could be different, or perhaps the company thinks it will win because it is said to be out of the world. After all, it has Zhao’s magic in it.


Anyway, we are excited to see this, even though it is just some prediction by a gambling company. But do not forget that Black Panther has 3 Oscars.

So, maybe the Eternals might win but seriously, give us a trailer before we go crazy. Another most anticipated sci-fi movie that has been nominated is Dune.



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