Marvel Confirms Steve Rogers Is No More [Spoiler] Symbolically

Steve Rogers in Wakanda Battle

Even if our theory about Steve Rogers is alive might come true, it has a zero chance of seeing Steve Rogers back in the Captain America suit.

Is Steve Rogers dead?

We have a lot of theories about this, and let me tell you, we are tired of waiting for Marvel to confirm it for us.

We are told he is gone in TFATWS by Bucky and Sam, but where is he gone? To the moon? Like Joaquin Torres said.

Anyway, even though many have so many theories of how he could be alive, it is quite evident that he is not coming back as Captain America.

Steve Rogers Banner
Steve Rogers’ Banner

Steve Rogers and his eternal plan

Don’t worry; this time around, it is with a worthy human who replaces him. Steve Rogers started out as a small guy who wanted to do something.

He ended up being the one who did many things and saved the world a couple of times. But once the Endgame got over, we could see that his time was over.

It was time to let him go and let him take rest and live a life that he actually wanted before he took the serum.

So, even though fans couldn’t agree with this, it looks like Marvel has decided it, and the Endgame may be the last time we see Steve Rogers suit up.

Marvel symbolically remove Steve Rogers

Marvel is that drama queen we always have secretly wanted. After the TFATWS ended, fans have been quarreling over whether or not Steve Rogers is dead.

Marvel, as usual, has avoided answering this question. But it didn’t leave the drama out of it. The Twitter account of official Marvel’s Captain America pages has replaced its banners.

Sam Wilson's Banner
Sam Wilson’s Banner

We saw Sam Wilson go full-on Cap in the finale, and this is a much-needed thing for us to see, but seeing Steve Rogers go will be a little hard.

The banners of Steve Rogers have been removed and been replaced by Sam Wilson in his new Captain America suit.

It may take us a while, but we will get around the fact that we will not see Steve Rogers suit up anymore. The man loved to suit up, didn’t he?





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