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Eternals: What Will Happen To The Frozen Celestial?

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“Eternals” is one of the most ambitious Marvel Studios films to date. It’s an origin story for almost a dozen characters in some capacity, and it introduces a metric ton of new intergalactic lore to the MCU. It seldom interacts with any existing storylines, meaning all of this is brand new in-universe information.

With that many characters and that many moving parts being part of a story that’s thousands of years long, it’s no surprise that certain things don’t get clear resolutions. One confusing question that will evoke curiosity is that of what’ll happen to the Frozen Celestial.

Phase 4 is about introducing new characters and setting up new storylines, so unanswered questions are sometimes a feature just as much as a bug. Some of these are clearly going to be answered in upcoming installments of the MCU.

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Others are just head-scratching plot points that may never be brought up again. Either way, we’ve compiled some of the biggest unanswered questions we have after seeing “Eternals.”

Eternals's Cast

This is your last warning: heavy spoilers for “Eternals” follow.

What will happen to the frozen Celestial?

The movie’s climax sees the Eternals joining powers and stopping the Frozen Celestial from destroying the Earth. After some infighting and trepidation, they all worked together and petrified him just as he was emerging from the sea. A happy ending for humanity — not so much the Eternals, who now have to answer for sabotaging their own mission, but certainly for humanity. Right?


Well, happy, yes. An ending? Not so much. When the Eternals discussed their plan, it was clear that they were only planning on freezing the Celestial. It doesn’t seem like that plan changed, and the fact that his body is still undamaged certainly implies he could still be alive. Will the Eternals be there when he breaks free?


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Will they find a way to extract him without severely damaging the planet? Time will (hopefully) tell — especially if humanity isn’t deemed worthy enough once Arishem examines the Eternals’ memories.

Even if he’s dead, though, there’s still a frozen Celestial emerging from the planet’s core. If nothing else, that’s going to ruin more than a few days somewhere in the world.


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