Fairy Tail: Who are the Element 4?

The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features numerous characters of different attributes created by Hiro Mashima. The show is set in a fictional world called the Earth Land, where various magical creatures inhabit. The wizards join guilds and become members of them.

Phantom Lord is one of the guilds and led by Jose Porla (one of the Ten Wizard Saints). The guild boasts of an extensive number of members and superior powers. In this article, we shall focus more on the wizards called Element 4. 

Who Are The ELEMENT 4?

The Element 4 is a quartet of wizards who each specialize in magic based on one of the four elements : Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They are regarded as the elite team S-Class Mages since they are the most powerful members of Phantom Lord.

Element 4 participated hugely in the Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord war which took place in the Phantom Lord arc. When their powers are merged together, they can create a very fatal spell capable of destroying a town as large as Magnolia.

Following the victory of the Fairy Tail guild, Phantom Lord was disintegrated and the Element 4 disbanded as well.

The Four Members of ELEMENT 4 : 

ARIA is the leader and also the strongest of the team. He possesses a very deadly form of Air magic called Airspace. This magic is dangerous since it can produce invisible attacks against opponents. He is also powerful enough to drain wizards of their magic.

JUVIA LOCKSER is the water element of Element 4. She is very skilled in controlling water since her body is made of water, so any bodily attacks are rendered useless. She can also regenerate easily; also her powers greatly increases when she is in an extreme emotional state. 

SOL holds the power of the element Earth. He can manipulate earth so he is very skilled in using earth and sand magic. He can assume a malleable state, that is capable of twisting and straining in unnatural manners. His fascinating spell, Merci La Vie can induce great pain to his enemy’s memories. 

TOTOMARU is a specialist in Fire magic, manipulating different colored flames with varying abilities. His dangerous Pyrokinesis magic allows him to control his opponent’s flames. He can even fight against Natsu (the male protagonist) and is on par with him in combat. 

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