Fairy Tail – Why Happy is the Cutest Pet in anime ever

There are all sorts of characters in the manga and anime series Fairy Tail. One of the cutest and the favorite of many viewers is a feline called Happy. Hiro Mashima has done an excellent job in creating this entertaining character for us.

One intriguing thing about Happy for the fans is that not only can he use magic but converse intellectually too. Mashima initially decided to name him ‘Freyr’ but realized it wouldn’t suit his character. We are very glad that the creator decided to stick with the name Happy. 

A brief description about HAPPY :

Happy is an Exceed from Extalia; becomes a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and Natsu’s partner. Unlike normal cats, Happy can walk in an erect position and when he uses Magic he can grow large feathered wings. The angel like wings allow him to fly around and carry others.

Despite his small size, he eats a lot and can consume large quantities of food. He is also very faithful to his teammates and has been around Natsu Dragneel since his birth. 

Many times, Happy is seen using fruits and fish during fights. He uses them as blunt weapons, and also as swords.

Why is Happy the Cutest Pet?


Happy offers a comic relief constantly in the show. His catchphrase “Aye”! Or “Aye Sir”! is insanely adored by the audiences. There’s nothing Happy loves more than to eat, especially fish. Food is the first thing he looks for after going through any battle.

Even his choice of weapons varies from fish to octopus to crabs. Happy is also very dedicated to his friends. He stays with them even when they are going against a really strong opponent.

Happy shares a very close bond with Natsu, infact they are a lot alike. Lucy Heartfilia becomes a target of their playful jokes.

Happy’s appearance is incredibly lovable and cutesy. He is small and blue in color with a white stomach. He has pink ears and big round eyes. Happy always carry a small green backpack where he keeps his snacks.


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