Falcon And The Winter Soldier About To Get Violent As Disney + Adds Violence Warning


Marvel is known for its action, comedy, plot twist and its grandeur. While most of the other movies that have come before have a lot of actions, this show actually has gotten a lot more realistic.

The Reality Hits Hard!

The Marvel movies we saw before had heroes kicking butts and doing it in style. Now, these solo projects have come to show the other side of what happens with these heroes.


We saw another side of Wanda, and even though we accepted it, it got real in many ways. Eliminate the magic and powers, and we get a person who has been through a lot of loss who had bottled it up all this while and is now suffering.


These things actually tend to connect well with the audience. WandaVision brought in the magic and added the mystery factor to it. At the same time, Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be bringing in the PTSD and action that we wanted.

A Century Worth Of PTSD


Now, the PTSD of Sam Wilson maybe be light for a fact, but the ones Bucky Barnes has are of so many years old, and it just gets darker.

So, we know for a fact that when they show the flashback scenes of Bucky Barnes, it’s not going to be easy. It will be dark, and many might even find it triggering.


In a way to avoid any problems through that, Marvel has added a violence warning to the next episode. We will get a deep look into both of these protagonist’s life.

So, there are bound to be many things we haven’t seen before.

The Ugly Side  

According to the show writer, we will also have a deep look into the lives of the show’s villains.

Well, to be frank, we will go crazy looking at that because Spellman says that they are also perfect in their point of view.


So, we are about to see some serious dark things about to unfold, so violence and triggering warnings are the least of our problems.

But the show is more than that. The show will give us a better look into what even the sci-fi world can’t avoid. You know that’s what makes movies like this our favorite so, just lean back and let the show take you.

According to Spellman, the head writer of the show, we will get to see a lot of villains in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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