Falcon And The Winter Soldier Will Have More Than One Self-Righteous Villain

Mark the word Self Righteous because we will have to see a lot of it happening in the Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The Multi faced Heroes and Villains

The much-awaited show has already released its first episode, and fans are gearing up to see the next one tomorrow. We know without a doubt it will be good, but we were confused about who all will be villains.

With WandaVision making a massive twist by making many small villains and the show’s heroes as the main antagonists themselves, we know something like that will spring up here too.

We know for a fact that Zemo is back, and there is a group called Flag Smashers, but it looks like they aren’t the only ones.

Hard To Keep Count?

Well, according to Spellman, the head writer of the show, it will have many villains. Well, he thinks they all are more of an antagonist than villains. Let us explain the self-righteous part.

According to the writer, every ‘antagonist’ will have its own point of view. Like you know, Zemo did in the Civil War.


“Regarding the show’s villains, in general, there are multiple villains in this. I don’t even want to call them villains, they’re antagonists.”

Zemo was damn well sure he was right and made it his goal to take down the Avengers. Well, the Age of Ultron events may have been avoided, but still, they had a lot more to do, and killing other people to take revenge on them is no good idea.

Self-Righteous Villains

From the first episode and from what we hear about the show, we know that the show will have many action scenes and will break down and get honest with each character.

We saw it get real and personal with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, which we never saw before in the Avengers franchise. The show will not only give us a deep look into the hero’s life and character, but it will also provide a deep look into the villains.


The writer says that every villain in the show actually has a point and thinks they are doing the right thing. Particularly after the blip, many think that their way of living is the best for everyone.

“Because what I love about this series is everybody sees himself as a hero in earnest, and even if they’re doing terrible things. They all see themselves that way because of what’s happened post-Blip.”

So, in order to bring it into action, all these characters chose a rather nasty way to do it, and they don’t feel sorry for it.

So, get ready to see a show with multi angles and points of view.

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