Fan Theory: Wanda Rewrote The Timeline Before Endgame!


Fans have some real wild theories, and this beats most of them.

Wildest Theory Ever Written

It would be an understatement to tell that fans are still hung up over WandaVision even though we have got another series to obsess over, many or not yet over Wanda and her new Scarlet Witch form.

Well, tell you what, the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen is not helping either. I mean, she is one talented, gorgeous and kickass superhero without a doubt.

Wanda has been through a lot, and definitely, the WandaVision show just added more to her grief. We cry every time we get to remember the things that happened to her.

This time fans think that Wanda has actually sanely, in her right mind, chose this ending knowing what the future holds for her.

Has Wanda Rewritten The Timeline Already?



Well, we know that she has the power to do it, and that’s the reason why Agatha wanted her gone. Wanda, or Scarlet Witch, as Agatha called her, is someone who has the power to create and destroy the world.

Tell you what, if Thanos had seen her now with her current powers, he would’ve gone packing as soon as he landed.

According to this new theory, fans think that Wanda rewrote the timeline during the Avengers: Endgame to make sure that the one possibility that Strange said we would win happen.

It is said that when she saw them about to lose, she went back in time and changed the probability each time to make this the “1” probability.

Can She Rewrite the Timeline?

If we know anything about her now, the answer is yes! In the comics, too, Scarlet Witch is hella powerful and even had the powers to get rid of every mutant of their powers with just three words.

So, yeah, she could do it, and she probably did it because she knows otherwise, she would just lose more.

Did She Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?



According to WandaVision, Wanda saw the Scarlet Witch even before the events of Age of Ultron.

According to Wanda, she doesn’t remember that exactly, but she still did manage to make that Halloween costume. So, many think that the current timeline that we think is the actual timeline is nothing but the rewritten one.

Because a lot of events had to happen simultaneously to make the present Endgame events happen without any problem.

From Tony Stark reaching the Earth to Captain Marvel returning on time to Ant-Man jumping out of the Quantum realm, everything had to happen in order for them to win.

So, fans think that it was Wanda who kept changing the reality and brought this reality on us, knowing that she would end up losing more people closer to her.

How Does She Know How To Do It?


Fans think that Wanda never had any kind of teacher until now, and she is doing just fine, so she learned this trick the same way she knew to do the other things.

In that way, the prophecy concerning that Scarlet Witch will destroy the world would also become true, and we won’t have to see her becoming a villain.

Does Doctor Strange Know It?

While pointing out that there is only one possibility for them to win, there are chances that he already knows that Scarlet Witch will contribute.

Maybe that’s why he stayed away when they said Wanda is doing something in West View. Perhaps he knew that she would make the right decision at the right time.

Remember this, it’s still a fan theory and has a lot of plot holes in it, so do not hold us to it!

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