Falcon And Winter Soldier In Production Now:

Marvel’s latest show Falcon And Winter Soldier officially started filming. The announcement about this event came in the form of a video. The video has actors Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in it. We also see the stars are bickering in the video. Subsequently, fans are also excited after finding out that the production for the show has started.

About Falcon And Winter Soldier:

Marvel Studios unveiled the release slate of their Phase 4 at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. And according to this slate, Falcon And Winter Soldier will be the first of their original series on Disney Plus. The show will hit the streaming service sometime in the Fall of 2020. Additionally, for the show, Mackie and Stan will reprise their roles as Sam Wilson And Bucky Barnes.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

What The Makers Might Address In The Series:

Falcon’s role in the MCU expands after Endgame, with Captain America passing his shield on to Sam. Moreover, Mackie will always be Falcon in the MCU. But importance should also be on the fact that his character is keeping Cap’s legacy alive. And we hope that the makers address this fact in Falcon And Winter Soldier.

Details About The Show:

As of now, makers are keeping the show’s plot details under wraps. However, reports indicate that there may be some pushback to Falcon becoming Captain America. Regardless, both Mackie and Stan are at the front and center of the show. And the Disney Plus series has officially started filming.

The Announcement:

The actors took over the Instagram account of Marvel Studios recently. In the Instagram story, the two say that they are doing a takeover. Although, it did seem that they do not know that the other is also doing a takeover. Regardless, they get together, in the end, to announce that Falcon And Winter Soldier is officially in production. At the end, the two actors continue their bickering.

We will get to see Sam Wilson And Bucky Barnes in the show. We will also see characters like Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter.

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