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Fan Art Imagines Darkseid’s Final Form Like This

A new piece fan art imagines what Darkseid might look like when a DC villain shows up in Snyder’s Justice League, which will be released on HBO Max sometime in 2021. The Snyder cut, as it has long been called has had a turbulent existence.

After rumours that it would be back in 2017, many fans started campaigning for its release. The voices grew louder when released, and led to disappointment only after the dramatic cut of the Justice League, completed by Joss Whedon after Snyder abandoned the film after the family tragedy.

Although many saw Snyder’s cut as a pipe dream, fans kept their hopes up, and their belief was finally rewarded when Snyder himself announced that his version would see the light of day on HBO Max, the streaming service of Warner Bros.

Justice League Snyder Cut

One thing he teased was whether the original main villain Darkseid would appear. Though the name was dropped in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Darkseid was replaced by Steppenwolf as the main villain of the Justice League. Later, in an interview shortly after Snyder Cut’s announcement, Snyder confirmed that Darkseid would appear on Snyder’s cut, and Ray Porter later confirmed that he would be the actor. However, no one for sure knows what he will look like, as he has not yet appeared on screen in his final form.

Recently, digital artist Christ Ave has come up with his own interpretation of what Darkseid might look like in the Justice League Snyder cut. The artwork is inspired by the comic book version of Darkseid and Snyder’s own different visual style and shows villian walking across the desolate, fiery landscape. He wears armour and moves forward with purpose and bright red eyes. You can see the artwork below.

This art certainly presents a fabulous version of Darkseid and looks like a worthy opponent for members of the Justice League. One of the significant issues with the theatrical cut was that Steppenwolf was not a well-meated villain, and did not look like a credible threat. Also, the CGI used to create the character is often slow and unconvincing.

On the contrary, the Darkseid here is magnificent and terrifying. Whether he actually looks like this is unknown. It certainly has the time and budget to do so, but we have to wait until 2021 before we can be sure.

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