How the MCU Gets Romance Totally Wrong


The romance in the superhero franchise is usually automatic or at least according to movie history. Some of the romance in the MCU is as crazy as with Peter Quill and Gamora. Others are equally disappointing, so most fans are starting to say that the MCU romance is done the wrong way.

Did the MCU really mess up with romance?

Steve and Peggy is a true romance, even though no one has seen its true beauty until the end of the Endgame. After all, what better romantic scene could one demand from the MCU than watching Steve and Peggy dance slowly in their living room after their return to the 1940s?


Peggy and rogers

However, despite the many other romances and potential chemistry in the MCU films, it is the only that stands out.
As they say: Only Cap and Peggy worked, which was great. But Tony and Pepper? Bruce and Nat? Quill and Gamora? Peter and MJ? Not really emotionally touching.


Perhaps the MCU did romance better than fans think

Other fans on Reddit have their own opinions, some of them more in favour of the romances mentioned above. For one, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts do have some nice moments together. If not scant time was given to them to flesh out their marriage completely, the final scene between the two (as Tony lay dying) was proof of their solid bond.

Source: Spider-Man Homecoming

As for Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff: Some intrigue was still evident. Case in point was how Hulk always acted more sedate when seeing her. Plus, no one should forget Hulk throwing that park bench when realizing Natasha had died.
Emotional romantic connections were definitely there in every case. Some of them are still a bit unrequited as well, which one can place in the categories of Quill/Gamora and Peter/MJ.

Will these romances improve in upcoming MCU films/phases?

Romance definitely works differently in the MCU

With all the time-travel going on lately in the MCU, romances are more than a little messed up as a result. Sure, it worked out well for Steve Rogers, but it created a bizarre situation with Gamora and Quill. To refresh: Gamora’s past self visits the present time in Endgame after her current self dies.


Gamora from the past now has no memory of the unique romance she and Quill had. Their past romantic scenes together were literally out of this world, including Quill teaching her how to dance. As bizarre as that was, they may be able to reignite their romance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, albeit having to start all over.
Peter Parker and MJ are still just budding high school sweethearts. How this blossomgamora and quill.png is yet to be seen, something, no doubt expanded on in Spider-Man 3. All told, one should count out romance completely in the MCU, even if they tripped up on it before due to overwhelming plot points.

The irony here is Marvel might have done romance better on TV than in the movies. The consensus is the romance between Leo Fitz and Jenna Simmons on Agents of SHIELD might be the most appealing romance under the Marvel banner so far.

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