Five Best Romance Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the five best romance anime.

Love After World DominationLove After World Domination

Love After World Domination is one of the most unconventional but also one of the best anime romances. This anime shows what happens when a knockoff Power Ranger boy falls for a gorgeous and kind villain girl named Desumi. She may call herself the Reaper Princess but is a wonderful person deep down.

Fudo Aikawa and Desumi may be on opposite sides of a hero vs. villain clash. But their love is real, and they’ll do anything to protect their relationship from their allies. Amusingly, Fudo and Desumi often resort to pretend-fighting if either of their factions show up.

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My Love Story!!My Love Story!!

My Love Story!! follows Takeo Goda, a first-year high school student who looks much older than he actually is. His classmates find him intimidating, but he’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold and an affinity for baking. Unfortunately, Takeo doesn’t have much luck with girls.

Still, Takeo’s closest friends always cheer him on because of his kindness and courage. Takeo’s best friend, Makoto, has much better luck with the ladies than him. However, Takeo’s string of bad luck changes after he meets Rinko, who accepts him for who he is.

After the RainAfter the Rain

After the Rain is a somewhat off-beat romance anime series that isn’t just about love — it’s about healing. Protagonist Akira Tachibana feels terrible that an ankle injury is keeping her from running track. So she cheers herself up by pursuing an innocent, one-sided crush on her boss at the restaurant where she works.

After the Rain tastefully shows Akira and Mr. Kondo going on innocent dates and enjoying everyday life together. Along the way, Akira will learn to find joy in everyday life despite her frustration. In return, Akira will inspire Mr. Kondo to resume his lifelong passion — literature.

Kokoro ConnectKokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect puts a supernatural twist on this tried-and-true trope. Kokoro Connect follows Taichi, Yoshifumi, Yoi, Iori, and Himeko – members of the Student Cultural Research Club.

Everything went well until the day these students’ lives were turned upside down by the Heartseed. This resulted in each of them learning more than they probably wanted to about their peers. Suddenly, everybody’s deepest secrets became common knowledge among them.

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Kimi Ni TodokeKimi Ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke follows Sawako Kuronuma as she navigates high school. High school’s tough as it is, but it’s even harder for Sawako since she’s socially awkward. Others make fun of her for resembling the frightful Sadako from The Ring.

Sawako looks up to Kazehaya because he’s naturally friendly and others gravitate towards him. Kazehaya was the first person who showed Sawako kindness and stood up for her.

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