Five K-Dramas Of Ji Chang Wook

Here is everything you need to know about the five K-Dramas of Ji Chang Wook.


The actor plays the titular Healer in this action-packed drama. He seeks to uncover the truth behind the past. Starting off as an illegal errand runner, he soon crosses paths with second-rate reporter Chae Young Shin and star journalist Kim Mun Ho.

While initially a hermit who dreams of buying an inhabited island to live out his days alone, the Healer falls in love with Young Shin. He repeatedly shields her from danger. As the series progresses, they confront their dark childhoods together.

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Backstreet RookieBackstreet Rookie

Ji Chang Wook stars as a convenience store clerk who struggles to keep the family business afloat by himself. He reluctantly hires Jung Saet Byul, who he initially believes to be a former juvenile delinquent.

He often plays characters who are more mysterious or highly accomplished. Throughout “Backstreet Rookie,” Dae Hyun and Saet Byul go through many challenges together. But each time they protect each other and their loved ones, and their feelings for one another grow deeper.

The Sound of MagicThe Sound of Magic

Nodding back to his roots as a musical actor, “The Sound of Magic” is a musical fantasy drama. He began to teach magic to skeptical high school students Yoon Ah Yi and Na Il Deung.

A heartwarming tale of holding onto hope, Ji Chang Wook’s Rieul teaches us to embrace our inner child. The Sound of Magic, inspiring us all to believe in miracles even in the face of life’s troubles. Rieul is also unlike any other role the actor has played.

The K2The K2

Ji Chang Wooks plays Kim Je Ha, a mercenary-turned-bodyguard. He was hired by a presidential candidate’s wife Choi Yoo Jin in order to exact revenge on another politician for the death of his former lover. His work soon leads him to Anna the hidden illegitimate daughter of Yoo Jin’s husband.

Much to Yoo Jin’s displeasure, Je Ha and Anna begin to grow closer. Caught in a complex political web and torn between love and revenge. Je Ha struggles to protect Anna from her stepmother and her father’s political rivals.

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Suspicious PartnerSuspicious Partner

Last but definitely not least is the legal romantic comedy “Suspicious Partner.” It is admittedly one of the best Ji Chang Wook dramas. The actor plays prickly, socially awkward prosecutor Noh Ji Wook, who defends his feisty trainee Eun Bong Hee.

Following the incident, they separately decide to switch paths and become lawyers. But they end up working together once again, and as much as they try to deny it, the pair starts to fall for each other. Ji Wook’s and Bong Hee’s opposing personalities make for an incredibly fun watch, and a sprinkle of murder mystery keeps things tense and exciting.

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