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Five Out Of Six Main Avengers Died In The Third Episode Of What If..?

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Marvel dropped the third episode of the Multiverse Series What If…? . The episode managed to leave the audience petrified. We saw the biggest names present in the episode but not a big performance. Nick Fury, along with Balck Widow aka Natasha Romanoff collecting the Avengers, but things didn’t go as planned. (at least in this universe.)

The episode takes place across the week from Monday to Friday. It marks the most important week in Marvel Cinematic Universe. A pivotal moment in the timeline as Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, and Thor all events happened within this one week, simultaneously. 

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The Avengers who Die

Iron Man. Dead. Thor. Dead. Hulk. Dead. Hawkeye. Dead. Black Widow. Dead. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT.  They all die. How? They killed each other.

Death of Iron Man

Iron man is first seen in the episode, eating Donuts on Monday. He was sitting inside Randy Donut’s logo- The Giant Donut. The scene cuts to Nick with Tony Stark in the restaurant. Recreating the same scene from Iron Man 2. But things didn’t go the same this time. As soon as Widow injects the lithium dioxide shot, Tony falls on the floor and dies. Black Widow is blamed for murder and arrested. But she escapes.

Watch Black Widow in action :

Death of Thor

Thor, the godly prince dies on Tuesday. He goes about searching for his hammer smashing every other block in his way. Hawkeye aka Clint Barton goes to stop him. Despite Nick asking him not to, Hawkeye releases his arrow (accidentally). The arrow hits Thor and he dies on spot. 

Death of Hulk

General Ross comes with his army to take Dr. Bruce Banner into custody. But suddenly an arrow hits Bruce. He transforms from Bruce to hulk and loses his control. He gets into a war with the army. But not for long. Abruptly, his body starts swelling and he bursts into the air like a giant balloon with green smoke releasing.

What If Hulk explodes
Hulk (Courtesy: Marvel)

Death of Hawkeye

Hawkeye is locked inside the prison for killing Thor. He couldn’t accept the guilt of shooting an arrow and he commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill. “ Hawkeye did this? Unacceptable. He has a family, he would never do this.” – Nick Fury. 

Death of Black Widow

Seeing Hawkeye’s tragic death, Nick realizes that the death for all the three might be related. Natasha tries to get at the bottom of the story by going through Coulson’s files. She gets her hand on the real murder. As soon as she rings Fury, somebody kills her. 

Nick Fury lost his five Avengers. But the mystery of the secret killer remains unsolved. 

Know the killer here: 

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