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Fans Applaud The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf For LGBTQ+ Representation

The Witcher's Nude Vesemir

The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf premiered on Netflix on August 23, 2021. Since then, fans have been praising the animated film for its beautifully crafted plot and visuals. The scenes get a little too violent and grotesque at times but they add depth to the amazing scenes where the Witchers and Mages are fighting scary-looking demons.

However, what captured the attention of many fans is the authentic LGBTQ+ representation done satisfactorily. We got some really good LGBTQ+ representation through this character Luka, who’s a very close friend of Vesemir, our chiseled hunk protagonist. Watch it here.

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There were so many beautiful scenes where Luka’s Queerness is explicitly revealed. They didn’t beat around the bush when it came to showing us Luka openly talking about his love for cute men. Here are some instances in The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf that will make your heart shine like a rainbow.


Luka, Coins, and Man-Whores

Luka is this red-headed sidekick of Vesemir who often gets into trouble for his loud mouth. When we first meet him, we see him complaining about having enough coins to sleep with a limp-pricked man-whore.

The Witcher: Queer Luka
Queer Luka: Luka s gay

Fortunately, Vesemir doesn’t even cringe in disgust, as most straight dudes would. He simply listens as a good friend would. That’s one of the first hints we get that Luka prefers men’s company over women.

Luka Flirting With The Knight He Kills

When Luka and Vesemir are in a bar having a chit-chat with some young women, Luka doesn’t seem very interested in these lasses. When a Knight picks a fight with them calling them “mutants’ derogatorily and calling them not manly enough, Luka picks a fight with him.

When they’re exchanging verbal abuses, Luka talks about how much he likes those cute knights and winks. This enrages his assailant further and we love it when straight men get offended.


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Tons of Vesemir’s Nude Muscular Chest

We get plenty of shots of Vesemir’s muscular chest while he’s taking a bath, which we couldn’t help but love. The Witcher Franchise is well-known for its generous depiction of handsome hunks in semi-nude. One good reason why we love The Witcher Franchise.

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