Game of Thrones: 10 Hidden Details About Tyrion Lannister’s Costume You Didn’t Notice

The Game Of Thrones Secrets About Tyrion’s Clothes:

There is much Game Of Thrones Secrets surrounding Tyrion Lannister. This is especially because he is one of the most important characters in the show. Additionally, he is the character with one of the most incredible, engaging yet devastating journeys throughout the show’s run.

Moreover, his story arc also made him a fan-favorite character of the show. Many fail to understand the depth that Tyrion’s character has. Also, there were lots of hidden Game Of Thrones Secrets in his costume. These secrets are details that reflect both his character and his journey. While some of these Game Of Thrones Hidden Secrets are obvious, others need greater dissection.

Following Are Some Of These Hidden Secrets In Tyrion Lannister’s Costumes:

1)One Of The Many Game Of Thrones Hidden Secrets Suggest That His Costume Reflects His State Of Mind

Game of Thrones shows the emotional state of its characters through their clothing. And this happens with several characters throughout the series. However, it is Tyrion Lannister’s clothes that show what he is going through mentally and emotionally.

In a substantially tough time, his clothes were of dark colors, or even completely worn out and ragged. Moreover, if things were good on his journey, he would wear fancy and brighter clothes.

2) What Many Don’t Know Is That Lannister Was Once The Owner Of The Catspaw Assassin Dagger

We know how Bran is bedridden at Winterfell in the first season. Moreover, the Catspaw Assassin goes to end his life during this time. However, this assassin does not succeed.

Catelyn Stark later finds out from Petyr Baelish that this Catspaw Assassin dagger was once Tyrion’s. He loses the dagger in a bet. Regardless, we cannot validate the truth to this story. This is especially because we are talking about Littlefinger here.

3) The Biggest Known Fact Is That Tyrion Always Has A Drink In His Hand:

Throughout the course of the series, we learn a lot about Tyrion and his life. In fact, one of the most noticeable things about his character is that he is an alcoholic.

The man always has a drink in his hand. Moreover, if we see him without it, he almost looks quite odd. The wine glass or stein has become a staple part of his costume. It is his best accessory as well as the prop that makes his whole look complete.

4) One Of The Games Of Thrones Secrets Suggest That His Dark Clothing During His Trial Reflected His Fate:


Game of Thrones also uses clothing to emulate the next phase in a character’s story arc. Additionally, this way, it also shows us the possible fate of the character.

A lot of this is evident during Tyrion’s trial for Joffrey’s murder. We were nearly certain that his fate was doomed. This is especially because Cersei and Tywin were leading the mob at King’s Landing. And his clothes reflected it all. They were much darker and moodier. Moreover, we got to see the anger and betrayal he felt at the accusation through his clothes.

5) Tyrion’s Clothing is for fancy folk, according to Ser Bronn:

Ser Bronn had labeled Tyrion’s clothing for “fancy folk.” While Tyrion was the Lannister family outcast, he was still part of the House.

Tyrion had money and lavish things, including fancy clothing and accessories. He used to frequently wear doublets with pants, leather belt, and boots.

6) The Best Of All Known Game Of Thrones Secrets Is That Tyrion Wears His Hand Of King Pin For Two Powerful And Ruthless Leaders:

Tyrion acts as Hand of the King for the maniacal King Joffrey. He then goes to serve as the same for Daenerys Targaryen. Later on, in the show, he becomes the permanent Hand of the Queen to Daenerys. Eventually, he would wear the same pin for yet another King, Bran Stark.

7) Tyrion Lannister Begins To Sport A Beard After His Escape From Prison:

When Tyrion finally escapes a certain death after his imprisonment after Joffrey’s murder trial, Jamie helps him do so. Therefore, to not reveal his identity, he disguises himself and grows a beard. It did not completely hide his true identity. However, it did definitely keep it under wraps for some time.

Later on, when he begins working for Daenerys, he continues to keep his beard. This shows that he was the new Tyrion and that the old one was long gone.

8) The Lannister Lions Had His Armour, Reflecting Where Tyrion Came From:

In the early GoT seasons, Tyrion would wear the heavy-duty armor in the battles. This is when he would be fighting alongside the Lannisters. This armor had the signature red and gold colors which are trademarks of the Lannisters. Moreover, we can also see him having the lion from his House sigil on both of his shoulders.

This not only shows us where Tyrion comes from but also suggests that he does not back down from a fight. The Battle of Blackwater makes it even more apparent.

9) Tyrion’s Scar Becomes A Part Of His Character, As Per Game Of Thrones Secrets:

In the Battle of Blackwater, we see Tyrion fighting with everything he has alongside the Lannister army. He uses wildfire against their opponents and successfully wards them off.

But in actual combat, he gets injured. His face thereby has a large gash which makes him feel even more of an outcast. However, he accepts it with time and the wound becomes a part of his actual character.

10) Tyrion’s Style Is Changed After Tywin’s Death:

We see Tyrion in much more dreary, dark clothing in the early seasons of the show. This is especially when he is subjected to the hatred of his family, especially his father, Tywin Lannister.

But we see a different side of him when he kills Tywin before escaping his death sentence. Later on, he becomes his best self, when he begins working with Daenerys. Thus, we see him in fine, beautiful and brighter clothing. This style not only shows his improved mood, but also his new journey.

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