What Does Leaked ‘Eternals’ Set Photos Reveal?

A picture of Richard Madden in Eternals

The Eternals: Angelina Jolie New Leaked Set Photo:

We now have another new photo of The Eternals: Angelina Jolie.

We know how Marvel showed us the concept art of The Eternals from the SDCC. The latest leaks of the set reveal the first look at many key characters in the film. Furthermore, these characters will come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2020.

The Eternals is currently shooting in the Canary Islands in Spain. Chloe Zhao is directing the film. The recent set photos were taken a day after the bomb scare nearby. Additionally, we know that the Nazi army had a base on the island during World War II. Subsequently, this old unexploded device was found near the set. And it is due to this that there was a temporary evacuation.


Subsequent Proceedings After The Bomb Scare:

Soon after the bomb scare, professionals disposed it off. And then, the actors of The Eternals: Angelina Jolie, Brian Tyree Henry and Gemma Chan can be seen. They are roaming around the Spanish beach.

Moreover, they are wearing their Eternals costumes. And these photos are seemingly from between the different takes. This is because we can also see the various assistants covering the actors in thick coats.

Photos From The Eternals: Angelina Jolie And Other Actors:

These photos are the first time anyone has actually seen the actors in their costumes. Moreover, this is also the first time we are getting the chance to see these stars for real in live-action.

Additionally, these photos are the closest we get to a post-credits scene. This is, of course, until more Marvel movies come out in the future.

Details Of The Eternals:

In The Eternals: Angelina Jolie will star as Thena, a powerful alien with a gifted intellect. Furthermore, Gemma Chan and Brian Tyree Henry play Sersi and Phastos respectively. Sersi is born on Earth and has a desire to live with humans rather than with Eternals.

Phastos, on the other hand, has a more mysterious history. He has a lot of strength as well as regeneration abilities. Moreover, he is also an engineer and an investor.

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