Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Top Five Crazy Headlines!


From playing Pepper Potts to selling some crazy stuff to the people, presenting to you Gwyneth Paltrow, ladies and gentlemen!

Our newest joined Female Avenger is celebrating her 48th birthday this 27th. We at The News Fetcher are bringing you the five top crazy things Gwyneth Paltrow has been in the news for. Believe me, it’s as more outlandish as it can get.

5.Vagina Candles:


This didn’t happen years back. This happened this February. Gwyneth decided to release a candle that says, “This smells like my vagina.” Headlines were made with this stunt of hers. She claimed that the candle smelled like her vagina and the funniest thing is the candle sold out as soon as it was put on sale.



Gwyneth calls her company “goop“. Let me rephrase the sentence, her company name is Goop! Apparently, someone had told her that any company with a double “oo” in the middle becomes successful like “google.” Hence, our Hollywood star decided to use the unpleasant word that is “Goop.”

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3.The Infamous Jade eggs


I don’t know what is Gwyneth’s obsession with her private parts that she keeps inventing stuff for it. Jade egg made headlines, and she was slapped with a massive fine for promoting nonsense. It is apparently a crystal egg, and it has healing power claimed by Paltrow when placed in ‘you know where!!!!’

2.The “NASA spacesuit” stickers


Once again, she made headlines when her company, Goop, decided to launch a sticker saying it has healing power. The company claimed that these stickers were made with conductive carbon material used by NASA to make its spacesuits. Former Chief scientists at NASA shut down the nonsense immediately.

1.Her Ridiculous Quotes:


If I said she made one or two ridiculous quotes here and there, I know many will kick me. From saying that water has feelings to her quoting when she watered her Zucchini, her heart skipped a beat, she has some crazy quotes on the internet.

Our all-time favorite will be,

When she said that while she was hiking in Arizona, she heard the read rocks say, “You have the answers in the red rocks. You are your teacher. I thought I had an auditory hallucination.”

Okay, anyway, we wish our sensational actor but a phony life guidance Guru, a very Happy Birthday!

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