“Keeping up with the Kardashians” coming to an end: E!

It looks like we have known them forever, and yeah, they have been in our feeds and TVs forever, that’s why.

Thanks to Ryan Secrest, we got to know one of the craziest and keeps getting crazier family ever alive. Even though they get many backlashes, we know deep down we will be bored without their Dramarama.


Drama, as we know it:

Because honey, accept it or not, we all secretly like Drama, and we enjoy every part of it. They do take it up too many notches sometimes. Even though half of them are half plastic, we respect them as their lives and choices. Still, it drives us insane when they say they try to bring body positivity or things crazier like that. I mean, “Pick a lane!!”

Serving Drama for 14 years, hot:

Some do seriously messed up stuff, and another photoshops her face to the extent that the UK government bring up a law (not kidding)! But we were blessed would be a strong word; we can say we were showered with their DramaDrama and their lavish lifestyle for 14 freaking years!

Thank heavens, and to the producers, they have finally called it quits after 20 effing seasons. Obviously, we will be bored because who will give us entirely directed second-time proposals and give us Kris Jenner’s “I am the boss, B” dialogues. But we think we will pull through, just fine.

Crazy took a train to Netflix:

And also, Netflix is bringing in the crazy family and its reality series. Already season 1 to 4 has been uploaded. Anyway, the last and final season of KUWTK releases next year, and the family will bid its final goodbye.

But don’t worry, I think we have enough content from them to make memes and gifs for a lifetime. And don’t worry, we have their Instagram accounts; I am sure they will not deny us any drama from that!



What and how every Kardashian and Jenner reacted to this news will be seen in their official Instagram accounts, and I am sure you have already read it. And now going through every magazine that is posting about them to see if they are as crazy as you think they are. You are absolutely right! They are mad crazy, and somehow, we have grown fond of them too!

A new season will premiere September 17, and its final season will air in 2021.

Anyway, it’s not like they need the reality series to keep them floating! Anyway, we at News Fetcher wish our crazy family good luck!


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