Harrison Ford’s Recast Marvel Character Revealed at CinemaCon

Harrison Ford

CinemaCon attendees were shown the first footage from Captain America: Brave New World, which included Harrison Ford as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

The first piece of footage shown, as reported by @DiscussingFilm, was a very quick clip. It briefly showed Captain America (Anthony Mackie) “being attacked in the White House,” and offered a first look at Ford’s re-cast Ross.

But that was just a preview for the longer scene shown later during the panel.

The scene saw the press crowding at the White House, where Ford makes his first appearance as Ross. Sam Wilson stands with him, and the two have a conversation.

“Wilson,” Ross says. Showing that he has a lollipop, Thunderbolt explains that it is the “Doctor’s orders.” Sam proceeds to make a meta-joke about the change in General Ross’s actors, saying “I’m not used to the new look.”

Harrison Ford as General Thaddeus

Events of Captain America

Thunderbolt then tells Sam, “What you did down in Mexico opened my eyes,” and, “I want Captain America to rebuild The Avengers.”

Deadline reports that Sam questions Ross about what happens if they don’t see eye-to-eye on decisions for this new team — likely a reference to the events of Captain America: Civil War.

In a new scene, Ford’s Ross is giving a presentation to an audience that includes Isaiah Bradley. Ross references a recent “discovery of the millennia,” seemingly found by Captain America and — per ComicBook — Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) on a recent mission. The two are both present.

Suddenly, Isaiah and a secret service agent seem to be triggered by a word or sound, reminiscent of Bucky Barnes. The two appear almost possessed as they seemingly attempt to assassinate the president.

Sam begins to fight — in civilian clothes, rather than his Captain America suit. During the fight, Isaiah jumps out the window in a manner seemingly also referencing the Winter Soldier. Scary shots of a lab of some kind are seen. There is also text saying “Next Year,” before a transition to a new scene.

Sam reveals that the “inner circle has been compromised,” as IGN reports. Shadows are visible of Sam fighting an unknown female character, and seemingly a group of individuals with electric weapons. During the fight, Ford says, “You’re not Steve Rogers,” to which, according to ComicBook, Sam responds, “You’re right. I’m not.”

Then, audiences get a look at the back of Sam’s Captain America suit.

Familiar MCU Faces Returning on the Big Screen

With Thunderbolt Ross, Joaquin Torres, and Isiah Bradley all appearing in just the footage shown, it is likely that these familiar characters will see more of their stories play out.

For years, fans have speculated about whether Ford’s Ross will take on his comic counterpart’s Red Hulk identity — speculation founded on pretty strong evidence, thanks to set photos and teases from the cast, including Ford himself.

Beyond that, fans know they will see Ford’s Ross as the President of the United States in the MCU, and that he will not be the only The Incredible Hulk character to appear in Captain America 4.

As for Torres, this is the first time fans have seen the character since his role on Captain America and the Winter Soldier in 2021. Back in 2022, director Julius Onah confirmed that Torres would be taking on the Falcon mantle now that Sam is Captain America.

Of course, the movie has seen many changes since — including a name change — so it’s not a guarantee that he’ll don the wings. But, it feels extremely likely, both because of the previous confirmation and because of the comics’ precedent for it.

Like Torres, Isiah Bradley is back, with Captain America 4 also being his first appearance since Captain America and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

Yes, the main points of the primary comic he appears in — Truth: Red, White & Black by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker — were covered in the 2021 series. Still, fans mostly heard it, rather than seeing it happen through flashbacks. With a story as powerful as Truth: Red, White & Black, there is bound to be more to explore from it in the MCU.

Isiah having a role in Captain America: Brave New World also leaves the door open for the return of Elijah Richardson’s Eli Bradley — Patriot, from the various Young Avengers comics.

He had a minor role in Captain America and the Winter Soldier, and it feels very likely that there will be more Eli Bradley to come, thanks to the official development of some kind of Young Avengers team in the MCU that started in The Marvels.

Captain America: Brave New World hits theaters on February 14, 2025.

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