Here Are Six Heroes We’d Love To See Join The Savage Avengers


The next lineup of Marvel’s Avengers is the Savage Avengers. While the initial lineup is announced, here are some heroes we’d love to see joining the team.

Avengers’ latest “Dark” take on forces to fight evil in The Savage Land and beyond. Together, a team of antiheroes, assassins, and savages make Justice League Dark look like Teen Titans Go!

Let’s take a look at the five strongest, the evilest and yes, those we would love to see joining the Savage Avengers of the Marvel Universe.



Savage Avengers has already counted three former members of the Thunderbolt in its ranks. Complete the reunion by adding Deadpool to the team number. In addition to a substantial arsenal, Wade Wilson‘s clever personality provides much-needed levity and colour. A team of stoic badasses and depressed antiheroes will only get you so far.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Heroes cant get any darker than Ghost Rider. Violence roaring on the flaming motorbike, his head literally on fire, hanging chains burning all over the place. With such scenes, it is surprising that Ghost Rider is not already a full-fledged member of the Savage Avengers.

Imagine him trying to explain the concept of a motorbike to Conan. Of course, if anyone deserves a spot on the team, it’s the Spirit of Vengeance.


Blade 1998

As a temporary talent, he certainly should not waste time by fighting ninjas, mystics and any supernatural threats in the Savage Land store.

Savage Avengers already has plenty of sharp objects in the shape of Elektra knives and Logan‘s nails, but none of them has the blade’s coolness. But, in all fairness, nobody does.



A ‘living vampire‘ with extraordinary powers and supernatural powers, Morbius fills a deficit with the current squad in the team: the weird guy. You know, alien symbiosis and being associated with a team that has a guy called Doctor Voodoo.

And with the film adaptation of Jared Leto, one would imagine the character might be looking for recognition.

Moon Knight

Credits: Raf Grasseti

The position in The Savage Avengers may not improve his stance, but we would like to see him in the team’s book, along with Marvel‘s other heavy antiheroes.

Adding another master assassin to the team may make the Punisher‘s presence somewhat unnecessary. Punisher fans, sure enough, always have the chance to indiscriminately kill Frank‘s particular brand.

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