These Are The Five Super Beings In The MCU Who Have Defeated Celestials


As we have seen, there are a select few who have gone head to head with the Celestials. There are also those who bested the Celestials better. Knowhere, a popular venue of the Marvel Universe, is the former head of Celestial Hollow, so we know someone can do it to them. But who?

Take a look at the super-beings who took Celestials in battle.


image: Thanos| Avengers Infinity War

Thanos has made an intimidating habit of setting the example for the most powerful creatures in the galaxy, including the Multiverse. Mad Titan is very powerful in its own way, able to trade shots with Hulk in his original form. However, Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is another story altogether.

During Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is challenged by a large group of heroes from across the universe. When their heroic abilities were insufficient, the cosmic entities controlling the galaxy had to step up. This includes two Celestials who literally threw planets at Mad Titan! However, Thanos did a quick job of the two.


Thor| Avengers: Infinity War

Thor was so angry that he sought out forbidden magic to help defeat the Apocalypse. Loki revealed an enchantment from his father’s library that allows him to pierce through weapons of Celestials beings. Thor would fell Apocalypse — the Celestial avatar on Earth — with a juiced-up Jarnbjorn, and caused a lot of cosmic upheaval in doing so.


Doctor Doom

During the events of 2015’s Secret Wars, we got to see the almighty power of Dr Doom. Using the power of Beyonders, he created a world called Battleworld in his image, a melting pot of realism and timelines. However, more powerful than Doom is his own ego.

One of his most spectacular feats was to take Celestial alone, as those in charge of him made him pay homage. Yes, in Battle World, it has been said that Doom has put out the Knowhere version that revolves around Battleworld.


Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes is relatively newer to the Ghost Rider robe, with Johnny Blaze living in the role for a longer time.

Due to the mechanical nature of the Celestials and their organic elements, Robbie is able to take down a vengeful Celestial, as he uses his car. He used the Celestial he had to help defeat Loki and the Final Host; he brought to Earth.


Black Bolt

The Blackagar Boltagon was incredibly powerful when he finally decided to get vocal. Unfortunately for Black Bolt, he only defeated the Celestials against his will.

We are shown the fate that shows Thanos destroying the universe during the Thanos title “Thanos Wins” arc. When the Celestials came to judge him, he stabbed the Black Bolt that caused him to scream in pain. The resulting scream destroys the encroaching Celestials, displaying the full power of his vocals.

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