Here are the 3 Books Elizabeth Olsen Can’t Stop Recommending

Pretty sure we all must have made our own TBR pile for the year after going through all the booktok/ booktube suggestions. If you were wondering what your favourite stars’ favourite book recommendations are, look no further.

We are covering MCU heartthrob Elizabeth Olsen in this article. Please watch out this space for other stars’ book recommendations.

1.  Circe by Madeline Miller

We recommend Circe by Madeline Miller to anyone who wishes to plunge into the tales of Greek Mythology. It will introduce you to the story of gods and goddesses, wars and warriors. Just like her former novel “The Song of Achilles” it is a modern retelling of an age-old story, and it introduces the characters as if for the first time, making it easier for total beginners. Unlike her first novel, which was equally good, we felt Circe had a more gripping hold that would make it impossible to put the books down.

The story as told by Circe, a goddess and witch, offered views of laws and prophecies, exiles and verdicts from a female gaze. Rather than depicting heroes and gods of the past as flawless, Miller has made sure to limn the various characters with their flaws and mistakes, that lends the whole tale a tincture of reality. We loved every chapter and page of the book and the language employed in it, that traversed me through a world reigned by Gods and Heroes, teeming with love and passion, just as much as corruption, betrayal and arrogance.

2.  All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

We highly recommend this book to someone wanting to experience an emotional roller coaster. This book has that as well as a bit of everything else: history, fantasy, romance.

It has moments that will make you smile and moments that will make you cry; moments that will make you close the book and moments that will keep you up at night, reading page after page. Arguably best of all, it does what many novels don’t: it gives a clear ending for every character and doesn’t leave you thinking “But what about…?”

3. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

The book dissects top news events where an interaction between two people went very, very wrong, and reexamines our relationship with trust, truth, and the people we don’t know as well as we might have hoped.

By analyzing news makers like Amanda Knox, Jerry Sandusky, Sylvia Plath, Bernie Madoff and Hitler, Gladwell cracks open the mystery of why we trust people we shouldn’t, and often fail to trust the people we should. Gladwell, always the compelling storyteller, burrows his discoveries into your brain, managing to influence your every interaction with strangers from here on out.

This book is a must read for everyone who has spoken to another person today or is planning to talk to another person this year.

Elizabeth Olsen has apparently mentioned loving The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, and she’s read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. She also liked authors Fitzgerald, Bukowski, and Palahniuk as a teenager.

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