‘Hollywood’ Sign Altered to ‘Hollyboob’ – 6 People Arrested


6 people allegedly altered the famous Hollywood sign to read like ‘Hollyboob.’

This event took place on Monday afternoon at Hollywood Hills. The group of those 6 people pulled out a prank. They covered the letters ‘W’ and ‘D’ and made them look like ‘B’. This made the Hollywood sign look like ‘Hollyboob‘.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested a group of 6 people when they came down the Hollywood Hills.

One of the participants told the LAPD that it was made to raise awareness on Breast Cancer.

However, another participant, Julia Rose, a founder and CEO of an adult magazine ‘Shagmag’ said it was not for entertainment purposes. She took the blame on herself. She also added: “the altered sign was meant to get the attention of Instagram Head Honcho Adam Mosseri. Recently, Instagram suspended both my personal and business pages ― which have a total of 6 million followers ― because of nudity.

She also posted pictures of the prank on Twitter.

No charges on vandalism were put on them because there were no damages to the Hollywood sign. As a result, they were released.

Besides, this isn’t the first time that the Hollywood sign has been altered. Once a man altered the Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyweed’ in January 2017.

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