Bleach: How A Soul Ripper Becomes a Captain of A Squad

Becoming a Bleach Captain is the most prestigious achievement in the Soul Society. This post of Captain allows one to monitor the entire functioning (logistics, paperwork, recruiting, etc) of the society. The might and prestige of the entire Soul Society rest on the Captains, without whom Soul Society wouldn’t be as strong. 

There are 13 squads in the Gotei 13, which means that there are 13 captains and 13 lieutenants. To become a Captain requires remarkable amounts of hard work, resilience, and intuition. There are primarily three ways to become a Captain of a division of the Gotei 13. 

While the Shinigami outfit is the Shihakusho, captains have to wear a white haori over it. Some of them wear haori with half-sleeves or full-sleeves. One necessary (but not sufficient) condition to become a Captain is to achieve Bankai.

Let’s take a look at how a Shinigami gets advanced to the rank of a Bleach Captain in the Bleach Anime.

First Method

The first method of securing the role of a Captain is to take the Captain Proficiency Test. This way is usually the most common and considered the most acceptable form of becoming a Captain. In this test, that candidate needs to activate his Bankai in front of three existing Captains including the Captain Commander.

He/she has to demonstrate a certain amount of strength and battle skills to be deemed fit enough to become a Captain.  

Second Method 

The second method is a bit long and time-consuming. It involves having to secure recommendations of his skill and prowess by six existing Captains. Out of the seven remaining Captains, the candidate needs to secure three approvals from at least three Captains.

Toshiro Hitsugaya’s Bankai

Third Method

The third method to become a Bleach Captain is quite gruesome and considered barbaric and thus, it’s not standard practice. However, it’s standard practice in the 11th Division. In this way, the aspiring candidate needs to battle the existing Captain in a fight till one of them dies. 

The First Gotei 13 Captains

For this to be eligible, at least 200 witnesses of the concerned division should be present at the site. This is the only method through which a candidate can become a Captain without the need to achieve Bankai. Kenpachi Zaraki became the Captain of the 11th Division by defeating his own Captain, because of which Kaname Tosen considers him a threat to peace.

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