How The Marvels Connects to the X-Men?

In the latest trailer for The Marvels, Marvel Studios seemingly teased the X-Men’s presence in the upcoming movie.

It begins when the words “Be There” appear in the ad, followed by Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau, saying, “There’s a different reality bleeding into ours.”

Then, right when Nick Fury says, “They’re here,” the words “What Come Next” appear; but before they fade, the letter “X” remains highlighted for an extra beat.

The emphasis on the “X”, in addition to the tease of “a different reality” and Fury’s warning of “They’re here,” not only seems to be a nod at the X-Men but a hint at their involvement in The Marvels.

This ad also comes on the heels of an update on Marvel Studios’ X-Men film, which hasn’t been officially announced but is reported to be looking for writers in early 2024.

The Marvels new trailer can be seen below:

How The Marvels Connects to the X-Men?

Since Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will be forced to team up when their “powers become entangled” in Captain Marvel 2, the origin of Ms. Marvel’s unique powerset – and the subject of her mutation – is sure to be revisited in the film.

If so, the exploration of her powers in The Marvels could easily serve as a huge stepping stone in introducing the X-Men franchise into the MCU.

It’s also the ideal time for Marvel Studios to do so with X-Men ’97 expected to release in early 2024 and Deadpool 3 on the horizon.

Also, if the context of Monica Rambeau and Nick Fury’s trailer quotes are, in fact, related to mutants, audiences may get answers on how the Multiverse connects to the MCU’s X-Men story.

Still, fans should be cautiously optimistic about this tease and who may or may not appear.

Back in 2022, Marvel Studios Producer Nate Moore warned that it “might be a few years out from the X-Men.”

Given the challenges Marvel Studios has faced both internally and with the industry in recent months, it would seem that the red brand would need more time – not less – to execute its X-Men vision.

Still, in light of Ms. Marvel’s role in The Marvels, coupled with this new tease, it does look like this future batch of heroes will be receiving some sort of introduction in the upcoming film.

The Marvels arrives in theaters on Friday, November 10.

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