How Will Emilia Clarke Impact the MCU? Here’s How She Can Return Through These 4 Movies

Armor Wars

Armor Wars is already confirmed to spin directly out of Secret Invasion, following Colonel James Rhodes after waking from his Skrull swap. Because of that, it’s one of the main places where G’iah could be seen next.

Though, given the project will focus on Tony Stark’s technology and not Secret Invasion’s Skrull’s, it’s hard to see how G’iah might naturally become a part of the plot.

Perhaps Sonya Falsworth is one of the many people vying for Tony Stark’s famous tech, so she sends Emilia Clarke’s shapeshifting powerhouse in the take it. Though, it’s hard to see what exactly War Machine would be able to do against her if that’s the case—there’s not much most beings could do to stop her.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty/Secret Wars

Two other very likely scenarios involve the character showing up in either, or both, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. In fact, given her power levels, it would be a problem if she didn’t.

G’iah could be one of the key weapons against Kang and his plans for the Multiverse. Though, as it stands now, it’s hard to see how the big bad would even stop her—he couldn’t even stop Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man.

Perhaps her very existence and Super Skrull status are something unique to the MCU’s prime timeline.

There’s also every chance that Kang might try to recruit G’iah to his side, which would be a problem for the Multiverse’s many heroes.


A recent Reddit post laid out a theory that the Thunderbolts team (set to debut in a film o the same name) could be the United States’ response to President Ritson’s initial declaration of war against extraterrestrials. Perhaps Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Val puts together the team in Thunderbolts in an effort to start stomping out being like Skrulls.

If that hypothetical ends up being the case, it would make perfect sense for Sonya to enlist G’iah to take the team out.

The big question is, how would Sentry factor into it all?

Fantastic Four

The Super Skrull is a classic villain of the Fantastic Four, so G’iah developing some connection to the team would make sense.

Though, it’s important to note that an entirely different being (Kl’rt) is the usual Super Skrull the team goes up against. So, Marvel Studios shouldn’t aim to replace that character, but they could easily find ways to weave Emilia Clarke into the MCU’s Fantastic Four story.

After all, G’iah would undoubtedly be interested to hear about any other Skrulls who might be trying to enhance their DNA like Gravik was.

How Will Emilia Clarke Impact the MCU?

No matter what, Emilia Clarke’s Super Skrull needs to show up again at some point—hopefully sooner rather than later.

After Secret Invasion’s finale, fans took problem with how extremely overpowered G’iah is, and rightfully so. It’s something Marvel Studios will need to address eventually.

Another key connection to the MCU that G’iah could factor into is Hulkling. While not a Hulk, the character is a powerful being with both Skrull and Kree DNA and is well known for his relationship with Wiccan (aka Billy, Scarlet Witch’s son).

The MCU could easily weave its own unique lore to bring the character to life, and using G’iah to do it seems like a natural step.

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