Hugh Jackman Can Still Go Full Wolverine If Asked Here Is The Proof


Hugh Jackman proves he can easily step back into Wolverine’s shoes in a new video. After playing the crowd-favourite mutant for 17 years, the Australian actor officially hung up the Adamantium claws in 2017 through the critically acclaimed Logan. Despite that, he still looks ready to reprise the role if the opportunity comes up. You can watch the video below.

Jackman, one of the cast members of the original X-Men movie that hit theatres 20 years ago, became synonymous with the character as he continued to portray it. He has played Wolverine in a total of nine films: three from the main X-Men continuity, the other three from the prequel timeline and the last three from his titular solo adventures.


He wraps things up with James Mangold’s Logan, where the protagonist eventually meets with his death. The film was a hit for critics and the general viewing audience, so despite its sad ending, it was a proper send-off for Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman In Logan

It’s been more than three years since Jackman played Wolverine in Logan, and yet the actor doesn’t seem to have forgotten how to play the role. In a new video preview of the upcoming series Marvel’s Storyboards, Marvel Comics’ Joe Quesada asks the actor if he could show him how to properly groan and shout like a cigar-smoking mutant. Always game for fun things, Jackman obliged.

Considering the fact that Jackman has played the role for nearly two decades now, it makes sense he still knows how to play Wolverine. Seeing him reprise the character should be a treat for many fans who have avoided seeing him despite the circumstances.


He has done a stellar job of portraying the character of Wolverine, regardless of the quality of the films he was in. Fans can always expect fantastic acting work from Jackman.

Unsurprisingly, even when Jackman has repeatedly reiterated that he has completed his role as Wolverine and is looking forward to the next actor to bring the character to life, the public is hoping that he will someday return to Wolverine – especially now that the X-Men will be incorporated in the MCU soon.


This video proves that if Jackman wants to, he can un-retire and easily reprise the Wolverine moving forward. If that happens, one will have a hard time finding someone to go against the idea. The truth of the matter, however, is that he is determined to move on from his signature role. The chances of seeing Jackman as Wolverine outside of these kinds of fun interviews are pretty thin right now.

Still, this doesn’t indicate that it won’t ever happen. With the MCU fully diving in into the multiverse now, they can bring him back for a fun Easter egg, which is more than enough to make Wolverine fans ecstatic.

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