Hugh Jackman’s Wife Shut Down Rumors of Hugh’s Sexuality


Being in the spotlight gives people the right to make anything up. It comes along with so many perks, but disadvantages are sometimes just too much.

Worldwide Sensation


Hugh Jackman is a worldwide sensation. He has always been in the news for all the right reasons except when people try to make silly accusations.

Hugh Jackman, ever since he played Australian Musician Peter Allen in the movie, Camp Musical in 2003 has been speculated to be bisexual.

Always Choosing the Right Thing


Hugh has never made a strong statement on him not being gay. Because he thinks that doing so might make it look like it is something wrong or something to be ashamed of.

Hugh and his wife Deborra tied the knot in 1996 and have had a successful marriage. They have been a private couple, but the way he addresses her in Instagram or anywhere shows how much he loves her. He calls her #myDeb.

Beautiful Family


When the rumours were coming up at first, it didn’t affect Deborra, but around 2013 Hugh said in an interview that it started to bug her. They have two adorable children and have a beautiful family life together.

On this Tuesday, Deborra did an interview with the Australian TV show ‘Anh’s Brush With Fame’. In that, she cleared any and left out the rumour about her dear husband.

She jokingly addressed that, “Yeah, he has been gay for so many years. I was gay, too, when I did [my 1988 film] Shame. They were shocked when I got married.”

Funny Bones

She also did mention that Hugh is funny but can never beat her in that area and that he gets his best material from her. Aha!! Now we know how he keeps up with Ryan Reynolds’ roast on Instagram.

Jokes apart, she strongly feels that this kind of false narrative is terrible and that people should stop purchasing this kind of magazines.


Back to the Roots?

The family of four are quarantining in their New York property. It is also said that Hugh might shift his family back to Australia soon following the path of Chris Hemsworth. Hugh already has a 6 million dollar property in Aus.

Hugh and Deborra were seen taking some strolls in the neighbourhood area now and then with either of their kids, Ava Jackman and Oscar Jackman. Hugh and Deb have never considered their children as adopted and has given everything they could to make them feel they belong right next to them.

We Love Them!

Hugh and Deb suffered two miscarriages which gave them the idea to adopt. They adopted Oscar in 2000 and Ava in 2005. They adopted mixed-race babies as they wanted to give hope to those children who are usually rejected by the people considering adoption.

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