Marvel Documentary Series 616 To Air On Disney+


Marvel has officially released the trailer for Marvel 616, a docu-series that will air on Disney+. For subscribers, all episodes will be available to stream on November 20. The trailer offers fans a fairly detailed look at what they can expect from the show: The series will tell eight individual stories, presented by eight filmmakers, and each one of them will tackle a different aspect of comic book fandom.


One of the docu-series’ main themes appears to be how superheroes transcend the written page and interact with the real world. A clip with one interviewee describes how Marvel Comics pioneer Stan Lee always wanted regular people to see themselves in superheroes. It seems like Marvel 616 will look at how everyday people bring these iconic characters into their lives, and how Marvel legends impact them in various ways.

This trailer will probably excite many Marvel fans, from those who are passionate comic book readers to those who casually watch the company’s record-breaking films. The series offers something for everyone, and it gives fans the chance to learn more about aspects of the company they might not know as much about.


It’s a perfect opportunity to see how Marvel makes comic books, and to hear from the writers who have taken legendary characters on unforgettable adventures. For anyone who has ever been remotely interested in Marvel’s iconic stories, this series is definitely appointment viewing.

Marvel 616 will explore modern fandom

Marvel fandom

One portion of the trailer for Marvel 616 focuses on the writers and artists who produce the comics fans read every week. This brief clip describes how one artist puts himself into his work while he’s bringing these monumental characters to life. From the looks of it, Marvel 616 will give fans the opportunity to hear interviews with these creators, which seemingly explore what it feels like to be responsible for holding such renowned characters in your hands.

Another part of the trailer explores the Marvel Spotlight collection of stage plays. These stories take Marvel’s iconic characters and put them in a young adult context that’s fit for traditional theater.

Thor, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl star in their respective plays, each one tackling modern issues faced by high school students — like dealing with self-image and struggling with responsibility. Marvel 616 will take a look at this fresh avenue for the company’s legendary heroes, which makes them particularly relevant for a whole new generation.

Another part of the trailer focuses on comic-cons and cosplaying, two vital aspects of modern fandom. Typically, New York Comic-Con is a spectacular event where many fans wear their passion on their sleeves by dressing up as their favorite heroes and villains.

Though the pandemic has forced the beloved event to adapt, it remains the pinnacle of fandom. Naturally, Marvel 616 will explore comic-con culture, and by extension the communal power of cosplay.

comic-con san diego

Each episode is directed by an acclaimed actor or a successful director

Marvel 616 features a star-studded group of directors. Alison Brie, a popular actress who has appeared on shows like Mad Men, Community, and Glow will direct one episode, entitled “Marvel Spotlight.” Another episode, entitled “The Marvel Method,” will likely explore the company’s comic book production style, which revolutionized the industry.

Based on another episode title, “Unboxed,” we’ll likely get an inside look at the world of comic book toys, including action figures and Funko POPs. Clearly, this series is a deep dive into every element of fandom.

“Higher Further Faster,” directed by another Community star, Gillian Jacobs, will likely explore the company’s growing emphasis on telling diverse stories. “Higher, further, faster” is a slogan that has been used to promote the ground-breaking film, Captain Marvel.

It’s already evident from the company’s press release that the series should be able to deliver on its promise to present eight distinct stories by eight unique filmmakers. For all comic book fans, Marvel 616 appears poised to become a must-watch series.


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