If deadpool was cut perfectly in half vertically, does both side regenerate or he dies?


Ever wondered while watching Deadpool 2?

Thor and Luke Cage rip him in half in the comics and only one side regenerates into Deadpool.

In “Deadpool Annual” #1 (by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Evan Shaner, Veronica Gandini, and VC’s Joe Sabino), Deadpool finds himself in a rooftop confrontation with the mind-controlling villain, Madcap. However, when Thor and Luke Cage join the fight and the former blasts Deadpool and Madcap with a lightning strike, the pair are reduced to dust. Deadpool’s body reanimates, of course, but he quickly learns that Madcap has been absorbed into his being and lives inside his head.

Madcap ends up being a voice inside Deadpool’s mind, initially trying to gain control of his body while the Avengers attempt to stop the joint being. Deadpool and Madcap eventually work together to solve their predicament, getting Thor and Luke Cage to rip their shared body in half. The scene is gnarly, with blood and guts spilling everywhere as the two heroes assist in breaking the unnatural bond. The split proves successful; Deadpool’s body regenerates into its usual form, and MadCap’s body also grows back. One might think the pair hated merging into a single person, but the duo actually says that it was a fun experience. Still, both characters are happy to return to their normal forms, as not having complete control of their bodies, minds, and thoughts was never something either one wanted.

The Deadpool and Madcap merger shows that, under the right circumstances, Deadpool’s body can merge with other healing factor-possessing beings. In its efforts to rebuild itself, Deadpool’s healing factor created a new kind of hero from the pair, which is one of the strangest things his body has ever done.

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