Is There Still Good In John Walker?


Marvel fans were sure that John Walker was up to no good and will only stand in the way of justice being served.

John Walker’s Justice

John Walker’s justice is way better than the one of Zemo’s, so we feel like John Walker may have a chance after all.

According to the comics, the US Agent is someone who loses control of his rage and goes on a rampage just like it happened in the fourth episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The last time he saw Sam and Bucky, he got the shield taken away from him and was in a horrible state.


Even though he looked like he might just go on a rampage any time then, he went back and got his title revoked by the court.

It looked like he deserved it back then, and we were furious when he lied to Lemar’s parents, too, but this episode gave us a different Walker.

Falcon and Bucky were Overwhelmed

Flacon and Bucky were overwhelmed with what Karli and her crew were up to. They had to be in a lot of areas at once, and Sharon Carter, even though she was acting like helping, was there for her own reason.

John Walker surprisingly ended up being of some help even though he didn’t try and yell Captain America even once.


He saw Sam being called that, and he didn’t have any problem. He even chose the truck that was falling off than chasing after Karli.

That, right there, showed that he is a good man after all. If Walker were just the guy looking for revenge and ways to win his title back, he would’ve gone after Karli.

But he didn’t, and he chooses the people in the car over getting his revenge.


Will John Walker continue to be good or bad?

Val has finally hired him and given him the title of US Agent. We have no idea what she is up to, but we can trust Walker a little and let him make the decision.

Walker is not a lost cause after all. He even went with Bucky’s way of just catching the Flag Smashers and handing them to the police rather than trying anything funny like Zemo.

He is just over-excited to be the hero, I guess. It is shown when he is told he is the US Agent in the end.




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