Why Did Sharon Carter Want Sam Wilson Dead?


We had some doubts about Sharon Carter being the Power Broker, but we have no idea why she wanted Sam Wilson dead.

Sharon Carter – The Power Broker

We knew that she might be the Power Broker, but this confirmation came as a surprise. I mean, who on Earth thought that the simple niece of Peggy Carter would end up being a criminal after all.

To be frank, she doesn’t have a point for her vengeance. Isaiah Bradley has a point if he hates the world and the government.

Wanda Maximoff might have a point, and even Steve Rogers might have a point after everything he went through with those idiots back in the days. All Carter went through was that she was branded criminal.


She did what she chose to do, and no one forced her to. She knew this would happen, and she did it, and now, even though she is living in a big place that has everything she needs, she vows revenge?

That’s just too much, Sharon Carter!

Will Sharon Carter be exposed?

Sharon Carter may also be the one who wanted the Flag Smashers in the car bombed because, after all, they knew about her identity.


But somehow, she managed to keep herself from being exposed and even got herself pardoned. But the reason why she wanted Falcon dead is still a mystery.

We get it if she wanted Zemo dead, but why Sam? Is it just vengeance? Because as soon as Sam came out of hiding, he had to fight to save the world, they didn’t have time to search for her.

On the other hand, she didn’t try and do anything at that time even though she had people who could help others.

Zemo had a better reason for his madness than Sharon Carter does. There are many chances that the second season of the TFATWS will deal with Sharon Carter and her craftiness.


Why did she want to kill Sam Wilson?

Among the unanswered questions, this will remain. We thought he might be on her way, but he had no idea about her and the Power Broker relation.

He believed everything she said and even promised to get her pardoned. In the end, she chose to kill Karli and save Sam Wilson. That is one confusing woman!

She either hired Batroc to fight Sam while she comes in and saves him and looks like the hero and earns his trust or something else is going on.

Whatever it is, she is up to no good.














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