Jake Lockley and Those Blackouts in Moon Knight

Marvel Studios Moon Knight: The Art of the Series is now available to buy, and in its pages, one of the show’s directors, Mohamed Diab, revealed a key piece of information about Jake Lockley and those blackouts that fans already suspected.

The tidbit arose while Diab talked about the blackouts throughout the series, which “became more interesting to direct” than the action sequences:

“It became more interesting to direct the blackout than the action… We’ve all seen huge action sequences before, but now, anything could happen in a second. You can be transferred somewhere else, and you don’t know what happened. Even the protagonist doesn’t know what happened! That glued people to their seats.”

Diab then confirmed that “the blackouts” throughout the series were, secretly, Jake Lockley taking over:

“And at the end, we discovered that the blackouts were actually Jake. It was a big question—is Jake going to be in our show or not? We tried in some versions to have him, but eventually, he was in the show without being in the show—and I love that.”

The director also hinted that Jake’s storyline is going to “be much, much weirder:”

“There’s over 40 years of material—things are only going to get wilder. If you thought Marc and Steven’s story was unbelievable, Jake’s would be much, much weirder. There are so many ways to go between the three of them. Who would be friends with whom? Because Jake seems like he’s on a whole different level…”

He went on to admit, “It’s lovely to finish the show with questions and theories:”

“There is still a question mark at the end of the show over what’s real and what’s not… You never know. You never get a clear answer. It’s lovely to finish the show with questions and theories.”

When Will Fans Learn More About Oscar Isaac’s Jake Lockley?

It is worth noting that not every blackout in Moon Knight was the work of Jake Lockley.

But some of the big blackout sequences that do tie to Lockley are those not long after arriving in Egypt and when the third personality helps to brutally destroy their enemies in the finale.

Sadly, it is not clear when exactly fans will get to see Jake Lockley properly explored. A Season 2 of Moon Knight is not yet confirmed, and neither is the character’s appearance in another MCU project.

When Jake does pop up again, Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik already has some ideas for what his costume would look like.

She previously told The Direct that if she were to design a suit for Jake Lockley, she “think[s] that [she] would make it dark,” likely pulling from “the black costume that’s in the comics.”

Fingers crossed that Oscar Isaac’s hero will be back on fans’ screens sooner rather than later.

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