Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler’s Thriller-Comedy Movie In Netflix

As soon as we see the name Adam Sandler on the poster, we know it is going to be hilarious.

Adam Funny Sandler

Adam Sandler has established himself as the man who will make whatever jokes he want, and people will laugh with him no matter what. He has his reputation with the audience to give funny and real-life truths in the form of comedy.


Halloween In Salem

In that line of comedy, now comes the Hubie Halloween movie released by the streaming giant that is Netflix. Obviously, as says the title, the film is about Halloween, in the town of Salem.

Hubie Halloween

Hall Monitor

Hubie is still not ready to let go of his position as the hall monitor from his school, well now he does that on the street. He is continuously trolled and egged by the kids and the people of the town where only Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen) shows her compassionate self to Hubie.


The police of the town are tired of Hubie and his silly issues so now when something is really up, they don’t even bother listening to Hubie. After the movement of a new neighbour in the town and an escaped criminal, something spooky starts happening. Hubie notices that his town people are missing and is trying his best to find the truth without any help from the police, of course.

Not A Classic Sandler

The movie is hilarious and also has a social message about bullying. They don’t convey it as a message, they instead make Hubie go through it all and be the centre of all jokes and then brings out the more profound news at the end. This has been the new signature style of Adam Sandler’s otherwise just hilarious but sometimes hurtful comedies.


Variety gave its reviews, while not being entirely happy about the movie, the magazine calls the one thing that came out right, and something we could take from the film is the description of Hubie’s character. Which, according to the magazine, would’ve been very different during the harsher era of lowbrow comedy.

Critics Are Not Pleased

The movie is studded with stars of Hollywood, Ray Liotta, Noah Schnapp, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows and Maya Rudolph, produced by Happy Madison. The critics were obviously not pleased, they never are with Adam Sandler’s movies, except maybe Uncut Gems. This is an old classic Sandler movie but somehow manages to convey a social message too.

The movie released on October 7th, on the streaming platform. If you are a fan of the Halloween and it’s rituals and would like to laugh your pandemic away, then definitely we recommend you to watch.


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