Kingdom Chapter 697: Release Date and Expectations

With Chapter 696 released, fans must be waiting excitedly for the next chapter to know more about what will happen. We’ve compiled some information regarding the upcoming chapter in this article, its release date, the recap of the previous chapter, and any possible spoilers and speculations as to what will happen in Kingdom Chapter 697. Scroll down to read further!

Kingdom Chapter 697 Release Date

There’s been no official news of any delays of the next chapter so the release of the next chapter is just around the corner.
So chapter 697 will be released on 31st October of 2021, i.e. this upcoming Sunday.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 696


In chapter 696, we see the reactions of either side and the aftermath of the war.

  • Kanyou’s men are shocked and in disbelief at hearing that the battle has been won when according to the report, there was a potential massacre taking place. But the messengers deny having brought false information.
  • The initial disbelief turns into joy as they revel in their victory. Some of them express disdain for Kanki’s recklessness but the others interject stating that the only thing that matters is that they won.
  • They express their confusion as to how Kanki won with his inferior numbers and conclude that the arrival of the Hi Shin unit played a major role in their success. They then turn their minds to the start of their offense on Bujou and Heiyou. After that, there would be nothing left to stop them from their main target, the Royal Capital of Kantan.
  • A messenger relays the order from Kanki to the Hi Shin unit to pursue the retreating Zhao army headed towards Heiyou so that they don’t think about regrouping. Kyou Kai requests to stay back but Karyoten states that they might have trouble if her unit doesn’t tag along. Shin asks her if she has any injuries but Kyou Kai denies it, as she’s worried about something else.
  • At Kanki’s camp, the Zhao prisoners are being led away to an unknown location. The soldier doesn’t know exactly where the prisoners are being taken but believes that they’re being let go little by little. He is curious as to why they’re being let go so soon when they might come back to kill them later.
  • They lead the prisoners far away from the others as they can’t be freed too close to each other. They’re allowed to rest after the long walk, and are told to look down as they’re being given something to drink.
  • The soldiers then chop off their heads simultaneously. This continues until only a few groups remain. They decide to kill the remaining captives then and there instead. Thus, a genocide of Zhao prisoners took place over all prisoner camps on the former battlefield. Rin Gyoku informs Marron that it was all over and Maron solemnly agrees.
  • The horrible massacre and this battle unlike others where the numbers of the dead are lost in time gets recorded as such. In the thirteenth year of Ei Sei’s reign, Kanki attacks Heiyou, defeats Zhao general Kochou and decapitates One Hundred Thousand prisoners.


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What are Some Expectations for Kingdom Chapter 697?

Though there have been no official spoilers as of yet, we can always speculate on what will happen in the next chapter.

We might see the enemy’s reactions to the news of the genocide of Zhao prisoners and also their next course of action since they’ve incurred several losses since the start of the war. Things seem to have wrapped up for the most part on Kanki’s side for now. We might also learn more about the next steps that Kankou and the men in Kanyou are planning to take with such an overwhelming victory.

Where to read Kingdom online?

You can read the chapters here.


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