Kingdom Chapter 696: Release Date and Spoilers!

In the previous chapter of Kingdom, we witnessed another character’s end i.e Raido, who had a ruthless death. And now his people are leading the hunt for the killer, a cliffhanger that readers were left with. As the manga is filled with action and drama, fans are anxiously waiting for every new chapter. 

The manga series is based during the Warring States period and shows the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades go through. This historical epic work is a creation of Yasuhisa Hara and was first released in January 2006. 

If you are interested to know about the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 696, then do read further!

Kingdom Chapter 696 Release Date

Chapter 696 of the manga was initially to be released on October 17 but it went on a break. However, a new release date has been confirmed by the creators. 

The new chapter will premiere on Sunday, October 24, 2021. The title of Kingdom Chapter 696 has not been out yet.


Kingdom Chapter 695 Recap

  • After Zhao’s soldiers surrender, Kanki’s men escort them to which one of them mentions how they won’t be able to catch the captured soldiers if they all start fleeing even though their hands are tied.
  • We witness some conflict between Rin Gyoku and Kanki as Gyoku remarks that Kanki should have shared his secret plan with them.
  • Kokuo too grows angry as she finds out that Raido knows about the plan, and Kanki told him even before Maron knew about it. This makes her doubt Kanki and if he sees her as his trusted comrade. 
  • In the meantime, Shin receives the message that Kochou was defeated, which initially he finds it hard to believe but later on accepts that Kanki has won. 
  • After learning that Kanki went to search for Raido as he was captured and taken to Kachou, Rin Gyoku, Kokuo and Maron followed him.
  • Upon arriving there, they find Raido in a box being torn to pieces. The Saki clan informs them that it was done by the Zhao to take out information on Kaki’s plan. 
  • This broke Kanki’s heart into pieces and called Raido an idiot because he told them to run away and save themselves if things go south. 


Kingdom Chapter 696 Spoilers and Scans

Raw scans of the upcoming chapter have not been released yet, but expect it to come out 1 or 2 days before the release date. However, based on how the chapter was left off, we can make some safe predictions:

  • When Kokuo asked the Saki clan who killed Raido, they mentioned all the involved people had died except one. We can expect the revelation in chapter 696.
  • Another speculation is how did that person manage to survive?
  • There is also a fan theory going on if the killer is Ryuu Haku Kou’s eldest son Ryuu Fu?

Where to read the manga Kingdom?

You can read the chapters here


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