One Piece Chapter 1030: Release Date and Spoilers

One Piece was the best selling manga for eleven consecutive years, and it still manages to maintain its record-breaking excellence. It has already become a classic and staple title in the anime and the manga world. The fans are always looking forward to its next release. 

The enthusiasm from the readers owes it to the fantastic storytelling, art and humour perfectly done by the creator Eiichiro Oda. A whole lot of drama unfolded in the previous chapter and other battles are to continue in the upcoming chapters.

If you are wondering what the next chapter will hold and when will it get released, then do read further for we’ve gathered all the latest updates for you.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1030 is all set to release on Sunday, October 31, 2021. It is good news for fans as there are no updates of it being delayed. This means the date is still fixed and is just around the corner. So let’s get the countdown to begin!

Hawkins vs Killer

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One Piece Chapter 1029 Recap

The chapter title is “Tower” and here’s everything that happened in the previous release:

  • We saw Sanji and Queen exchanging blows, but the main fight took place between Big Mom vs Law and Kid at Onigshima’s 2nd floor. 
  • As Big Mom releases Thunder Sword using Hera and Napoleon powers to end Captain Kid, Law teleports himself near Big Mom’s head and gives her a “Countershock”. But she picks up her pace and attacks them using ” Mama-Raid”.
  • Another battle also takes place on the third floor between Hawkins and Killer. As the fight continues, Killer discovers that Hawkins has only one life left and after a repeated exchange of blows, the fight comes to an end.
  • Hawkins appears on the ground with cuts all over his body and the cards are scattered near him. This means a celebration for Captain Kid’s side. 
  • Captain Kid feels better now that Hawkins is destroyed. Big Mom was in awe of his recovery skills. The fight between Big Mom vs Kid and Law picks up from there. 
KillerOne Piece Chapter 1029 Recap
Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers

It is hard to speculate the plot until the chapter gets released, however, based on how it was left off, we can make a few speculations. As the battle between Big Mom vs Law and Kid continues, more battles are coming in Chapter 1030. Be ready to witness some dramatic scenes from the upcoming chapter. 

Where to read One Piece manga?

Viz Media and MangaPlus are the legal sites available for reading the manga as we don’t support illegal platforms. 

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