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Boruto : Everything You Need to Know About Koji Kashin And His Konoha Connection


Boruto anime and the Manga have gotten the attention of every fan now by killing the most loved Tailed Beast, Kurama.

Boruto Anime

With just a slow pickup and significantly fewer fans when compared to Naruto, Boruto took off and explored its own path in the new modern setting of Hidden Leaf.

With the Boruto Manga recently killing Kurama, the attention towards Boruto anime and Manga has increased drastically. Now, that brings us to Koji Kashin, the recently introduced Kara Inner.

Koji Kashin – Kara Inner

Koji Kashin is the one the Kara head has sent to assassinate Victor and was also the one who gave Ao his latest mission of retrieving the vessel, Kawaki.

At first, he just looked like a guy who keeps to himself; then, after his fight with the new Team 7, we know that he is powerful enough to take down all of them at once, including Konahamaru.

Team 7 has already lost Mugino, and it’s hard to see another one go immediately for that or whatever reason, the writers, spared us further heartaches.

The Konoha Connection

Kashin Koji vs Konohamaru

With the recent fight with Team 7, we saw Koji show some severe connections to the Hidden Leaf. Even though it looked like Koji just left because he was bored, we got more things in this scene than many think.

Koji Kashin used the Rasengan, which has been used only by Naruto, Minato, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and now, Boruto. Frankly, it’s some A-rank technique others could just dream of.

Konahamaru immediately thinks that Konoha has a traitor, but the truth is different. If you want to avoid spoilers, then don’t read below.

Spoilers Ahead!

The truth is Koji Kashin is a clone made out of Jiraiya’s DNA, and that’s why he has his same hair color, could summon toads, and could use Rasengan, and is mighty powerful.

As the story passes, we would see that Amado created Koji Kashin to kill Isshiki. And well, the traitor that Isshiki is now after, yeah, that is Amado and Koji’s masterplan.

Poor Victor took the fall for him; well, it’s not like he was any innocent. Okay, now that you know all this, let’s wait for more to happen so that we can fill you in.


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