Naruto’s Baryon Mode Actually Killed Kurama Instead of Naruto

Naruto has had enough heartbreak to last generations, and so have his fans. But apparently, that is not stopping its writers from giving us more.

Will we ever be able to bid adieu to another close friend of Naruto? It is going to be heartbreaking to see it, that’s for sure.

There are some serious spoilers about the 55TH chapter of Boruto Manga in this article, so avoid it if you hate spoilers.

Farewell, Champ!

Reports have been released about the coming 55th chapter suggesting that instead of Naruto, Kurama has died after using Baryon mode.

Netizens have leaked the manga online two days before its release date, and it looks like it’s not just a rumor anymore.

Naruto has kept fans entertained for so long, and Kurama plays a significant role in it. He went from being the sole reason Naruto had so many problems to become the power behind saving every last Shinobi.

How did Kurama die?

Fans of the manga have already been warned about the dangers behind Naruto using Baryon Mode.

Kurama told Naruto that using this could give him immense power to take down the likes of Isshiki but also warned that it would be the end of him and Naruto.

Naruto would do anything for the village and its safety. So, Kurama knew that he could not sit on the sideline and watch him get hurt trying to take down Isshiki.

So, the Fox suggested this new mode which was enough to scare Isshiki. But it didn’t stop there. Kurama chose to lie about the consequences of this mode.

Kurama’s Lie

Kurama knew that telling the truth about Baryon Mode’s consequences will make Naruto rethink his decision, so he just said to him that both of them would die.

He knew very well that if Naruto knew only Kurama would die, he would rethink his decision.

It is now a full circle where Naruto’s parents were the ones who sacrificed themselves to save Naruto and the village from Kurama, and now Kurama sacrificed himself to save the village and Naruto.

But given that it is a deserving end for the beast, it doesn’t calm us down even for a second.

Global Trending

Naruto has lost a lot of people in his life. Only now in Boruto, he got his lifelong dream fulfilled and got a family to share it with.

Now this news about Kurama’s death will leave fans heartbroken. Oh, wait, it already has, and that’s why Kurama and Naruto are trending globally.

With other tailed beasts just living their life freely, we never thought the day Kurama will leave Naruto would be the day he vanishes like this for eternity.

It is heartbreaking to see Naruto trying to hold on to Kurama as he floats above and vanishes.

Is this truly the end of Kurama? If that’s the case, when this chapter comes out in Anime, I am not watching. I don’t think I will have the guts to watch it.













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