Komi Can’t Communicate Live Action Preview, Cast and Release Date

Komi Can't communicate live action

Komi Can’t Communicate Live Action is official according to NHK. It will be based on the manga series of the same name by Tomohito Oda.

Komi Can’t Communicate Live Action will premiere on September 6. It will air at 10:45 pm JST on NHK General’s late-night drama block. The series will have eight episodes.

Elaiza Ikeda will be playing Shoko Komi and Takahisa Masuda will play Hitohito Tadano. Masuda is also a member of the boy band NEWS.

Yoshihito Okashita and Eiji Ishii are directing the series. Fumie Mizuhashi is the scriptwriter. Toshikazu Higuchi and Asako Takagi are the executive producers. Hiroyuki Ōnuma is producing the drama with Tо̄ichirо̄ Rutо̄ as the coordinating producer. Eishi Segawa is composing the music. Eishi Segawa also worked on Gintama live-action series.

The manga is available in English via Viz Media. An anime adaptation will also premiere in October.

The plot:

  • Hitohito Tadano is an average schoolboy in the elite Itan Private School
  • Shoko Komi is a very popular girl in the same private school
  • However, Tadano discovers a secret beneath the stoic beauty, elegance and also the popularity of Komi
  • Komi is super awkward and also can’t communicate well
  • She wishes to be able to overcome this and also make a 100 friends
  • Tadano makes it his mission to help Komi make a 100 friends

The series is also Japan’s most wanted anime adaptation according to a poll in 2020. 5.2 million copies of the manga are in circulation as of now.

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