Loki Season 2, Episode 6: Ravonna Renslayer Ending Explained

One of the final scenes in Loki Season 2, Episode 6 finally gave MCU fans an update on two major characters from the show: Ravonna Renslayer and Alioth.

Warning – this article contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Loki.

Loki Season 2 took some bold steps forward on Disney+, pushing the titular Asgardian into the next phase of his journey as the final episode resolved some major issues with the Sacred Timeline.

But while Tom Hiddleston’s hero took center stage all to himself, seemingly getting a new title in the process, characters like Renslayer got their moment to shine as well with the MCU still looking to expand on its multiversal adventures.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Judge Ravonna Renslayer only had one scene in the Loki Season 2 finale, but it was a major moment as she was seemingly transported to the Void, last seen in Season 1, Episode 5.

Judge Renslayer in Loki
Sitting up on the ground, she was confronted by a glowing purple light shining all over her face, teasing the return of the Void’s resident floating cloud monster – Alioth.

This is the first time Alioth has been seen since his debut in Loki Season 1, Episode 5, in which Loki and Sylvie defeated him by using their powers to reveal the Citadel at the End of Time.

Will Renslayer Return After Loki Season 2?

After seeing Renslayer and Miss Minutes attempt to take over the TVA following Victor Timely’s betrayal, it seems clear that Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s villainous character is far from done with her mayhem.

Considering her relationship with Kang the Conqueror, even though He Who Remains wiped her memories as he ruled the TVA, she may follow her comic routes as one of his love interests and help him on his rise to power.

Renslayer was further confirmed to have worked with the Kang Variant earlier in the season already, although this last episode left Kang in limbo partially thanks to Jonathan Majors’ looming domestic abuse trial.

Thankfully, with Loki producer Kevin Wright indicating that there are “many, many, many more stories told with Loki” as fans wait for news on Season 3, Renslayer and Alioth have a solid chance of returning to the spotlight soon.

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