Loki Season 2 Post Credits Scene: What Is The significance of Broxton, Oklahoma?

The post-credits sequence for Episode 1 shows Sylvie traveling to Broxton, Oklahoma. This may just seem like a random place on a random timeline, but it will actually be familiar to observant Marvel fans. The town was mentioned in another Marvel TV series, though this one was not officially part of the MCU. In “Agent Carter,” Broxton happens to be the town where one of the series’ villains, Whitney Frost, grew up. The episode, titled “Smoke and Mirrors,” shows a precocious young Frost (Ivy George) misunderstood by everyone in her small town.

The town also has ties to Thor in the comics. In “Fantastic Four” #536-537, Oklahoma is actually where Thor’s hammer Mjolnir falls to Earth. After Asgard’s destruction, Thor builds a new Asgard in the local town of Broxton during the 2007 “Thor” comic series by J. Michael Straczynski. Many fans believe this comic heavily influenced the 2011 “Thor” movie, with its storyline following Thor in rural America (though in the movie it was New Mexico instead of Oklahoma).

But what does that have to do with the “Loki” TV series? It turns out that Straczynski’s comic was the first to introduce the character of Lady Loki. In fact, he was credited in the first season of “Loki” for creating the character that inspired Sylvie. So it’s fitting that Sylvie’s first appearance in Season 2 is in Broxton, the place where her character was “born” (so to speak).


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