Loki Season 2 Reviews Are In, And Here Are What Critics Have To Say!

Loki Season 2

The first reviews for Loki Season 2 on Disney+ are in, and critics have sounded off on the Multiversal epic.

Loki Season 1 has remained the most-watched MCU Disney+ show for more than two years since it first debuted on the service. Now, Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is back in the franchise’s first live-action series to get a sophomore effort.

This time around Loki finds “finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority,” as he and his allies fight for “the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose.”

All the familiar faces are back this time around, with newcomers like Oscar-winner Ke Huy Quan, joining in on the super-powered fun.

Loki Season 2 Reviews Are In

The first reviews are in for Loki Season 2 and they are glowing for the most part.

Critics who saw the first four episodes early praised the show’s cast and smart science-fiction story, but it has not come without its flaws it seems.

Comicbook.com’s Brandon Davis called the series “a thrilling time-traveling mystery:”

“‘Loki’ Season 2 rules. The first 4 episodes have a thrilling time-traveling mystery and charm. Some of the TVA sci-fi jargon is hard to follow. The cast is tremendous together. The sets are great. Overall, it’s awesome. Hoping Episodes 5 & 6 stick the landing!”

He added newcomer Ke Huy Quan is “brilliant,” complimenting the actor’s chemistry with the returning cast:

“Yes, Ke Huy Quan is brilliant in ‘Loki’. His character has a key role in Season 2. He brings so much charm and joy to this show, brilliant chemistry with the rest of the cast.”

Erik Davis from Fandango was similarly positive, remarking the series “continues to be [his] favorite MCU show:”

“I LOVE ‘Loki’! I’ve watched the first 4 episodes & #Loki continues to be my favorite MCU show. This season has a more frantic pace to it, which keeps tensions high the entire time. Still brainy & weird w/ great chemistry among its cast. Ke Huy Quan is a big scene stealer of course, but the story – full of time travel, timelines, trickery & a guy named Timely – is reminiscent of Marvel Studios at its best & most entertaining. Eps 5 & 6 are gonna be wild!”

Phase Zero’s Jamie Jirak pointed to the “direction and cinematography” as particular high points of the series premiere, also singing Ke Huy Quan’s praises:

“I had a blast at the ‘Loki’ launch event. I only stayed for the first episode, because I want to remain a woman of the people on
Phase Zero but I LOVED IT. The direction and cinematography blew me away. I missed Tom and Owen so much. Ke Huy Quan MVP!!”

Jenna Anderson from Comicbook.com called Loki Season 2 “[her] favorite thing Disney+ has released this year:”

“‘Loki’ Season 2 is, by far, my favorite thing Disney+ has released this year. The cinematography is outstanding, and the cast does a great job of carrying what could be a very overwhelming plot. It’s not flawless, but I dig it.”

She also jumped on the Ke Huy Quan train, saying “[he] is absolutely wonderful:”

“As a Mobius and Ravonna girlie, I’m very happy with where their storylines seem to be headed in ‘Loki’ Season 2. And unsurprisingly, Ke Huy Quan is absolutely wonderful.”

Cinema Blend’s Erik Swann used words like “kooky, charming, funny, and sweet,” describing the series as “must-see TV:”

“He Who Remains is gone, but ‘Loki’ remains must-see TV! I’ve seen Season 2’s first four episodes, and they’re just as kooky, charming, funny and sweet as one would hope. Eric Martin takes on EP duties and skillfully builds on the show’s mythology. Fans are in for a wild ride.”

Decider’s Alex Zalben pointed to some shortcomings of the streaming show’s first four episodes, making mention of “it feel[ing] a little more like TVA: The Series featuring Loki,” but still called it a “blast to watch:”

“I have some issues with ‘Loki’ Season 2 (based on the first 4 eps). Direction isn’t as strong, it feels a little more like TVA: The Series Featuring Loki, the Jonathan Majors of it all. But it’s still a blast to watch, and Ke Huy Quan is the perfect addition to the cast.”

Brobible senior writer Eric Italiano wrote, “Loki reminds us what makes the MCU tick,” calling the show a “true post-Endgame highlight:”

“‘Loki’ reminds us what makes the MCU tick is merging a character with creators who understand their tone. S2 epitomizes that, as the God of Mischief’s journey feels absurd yet important — his world gonzo but deeply felt and real. The series stands as a true post-‘Endgame’ highlight.”

Chris Killian from Comicbook.com was just as high on the series, opining that Loki “continues to be the highest quality Marvel content out of the D+ series:

“So I’ve seen the first few episodes of the second season of ‘Loki’ and it continues to be the highest quality Marvel content out of the D+ series. Tom and Owen’s chemistry remains top notch but the real MVP is Ke Huy Quan who is – no surprise – fantastic. Steals every scene.”

Screenrant’s Rob Keyes – who made it clear he “didn’t love [the] first season [of Loki]” – said Season 2 is “better, faster, and takes bigger swings:”

“Watched the first four (out of six) episodes for ‘Loki’ season 2 and loved it. I didn’t love first season and this is better, faster, and takes bigger swings. Depending how they followup the WILD fourth episode, it might be the best Marvel Studios show on Disney+. Much needed.”

Kirsten Acuna from Insider was not as wild about the series’ second effort, noting it was “a bit tough to follow at times:”

“Watched the first 4 eps of ‘Loki’ Season 2. Not exactly what I expected given Season 1’s end. Love seeing Hiddleston + Wilson back together, but it’s a bit tough to follow at times. (Had to rewatch some of it twice.) Too much McDonald’s. Ke Huy Quan is the show’s best addition.”

And Nicole Drum voiced her thoughts on the show’s various “hiccups” but said it was “an absolute must-watch even with its issues:”

“‘Loki’ Season 2 is still the best thing at the MCU party but Season 2 definitely has its hiccups, especially with pacing, and doesn’t quite live up to Season 1. It’s cinematography and direction are EPIC, though, and it is an absolute must-watch even with its issues.”

What To Make of These Loki Reviews

Well, surely with all this positive fanfare surrounding Loki Season 2, Marvel Studios will be relieved to have another hit on its hands.

Loki Season 2: Mobius' Backstory

The last two live-action MCU streaming series have not fared all that well critically with Secret Invasion and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law being two of the lowest-scored titles in the franchise’s more than decade-long history.

Taking a look at all this praise, a couple of things are clear. Loki’s cast continues to be top-notch, and this season seems to be bigger and more high-stakes than ever.

The pacing of the show has been described as fast, and the upping of the ante is likely where these pacing comments have come from as the second season goes bigger than anything seen in Season 1.

While this has worked for most people, some have expressed that it may move too fast, with too much Multiverse and timeline-related jargon to grasp onto on first watch.

Luckily, fans will not have to wait long until they themselves can take in Tom Hiddleston’s latest Marvel adventure, as Episode 1 of the super-powered series debuts on Disney+ at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 5.

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